12 Hit combo.. online!

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And funny all that work and meter for not a lot of damage.

You might try less flash and more practicality unless you are making a combo video. I could have gotten twice the result in fewer hits. Especially off a focus attack.

Did you want a treat or something? I don’t understand.

Why would you start a jab combo off of a Focus crumple? c.standing fierce FTW!

damn, nice combo!

not that impressive.

Wow, don’t be too friendly will you? It’s pouring out of you.

As I said in the first post, I just wanted to share this as this is the only place I can which is related to SF4->Akuma.

Well first thing is this didn’t deserve its own thread. The video thread or combo thread would have been fine.

Second that combo was fundamentally unsound. Too many lights for no advantage, damage or tactical. By the time you actually did a move meant to do damage it was reduced so much that it was worthless and by using the LP.SRK > FADC > HP.Shaku you basically wasted 2 bars for less damage than just a HP.SRK The total combo did around 300, but a much simpler combo could have landed for close to 400 off of a Lvl 3 attack. If you really wanted to burn the two bars something like HP > Fireball > FADC > HP > BnB would have done way more damage for less work. Even just HP > BnB would have been equal to what you did if not more.

Not trying to put you down as much as point out that there were much better options available.

I’m interested in your Akuma mod. How did you do that? it looks 10 times better than his usual Alt. (even so, it could still use a front to cover the legs)

Sigh, it’s a mystery to me how people can live in such a small bubble of mediocrity.

Dude it’s called the we defeated sheng-long video thread learn to look at stuff right ahead of you. You had to be prepared to get flamed for this kind of stupidity.

wow, the amount of assholes on this forum is very impressive…

yeah i agree with the above statement. i dont main akuma or play him at all really but that was a cool combo so good job

^not assholes as alot of us are tired of people starting worthless threads that add 0 to the community and can’t even read the titles of the top 10 threads. This is a thread that is like the retarded kid on Mad TV “look what I can do!”

waste of thread?
oh noes, lets jump on asshole train.

…or you could just ignore it.

but i guess you guys spend more time with sf4 than social behavior.

but out of all the forums ive ever read, this one has the highest % of stuck ups.

Yes and if you did you might understand why some of us are saying it wasn’t that amazing of a combo.

It was a combo with a lot of hits (Mostly jabs), but no real purpose. In the end he burned two EX bars and did a lot of unnecessary links for inferior damage and no tactical advantage. He ended up with 100 less damage than he could have had if he wasn’t going for flash. That is why we are not impressed with it. Practicality before flamboyance.

Also as stated before this didn’t deserve its own thread. There is a video thread devoted to this purpose.

What’s even more impressive is the number of people who think they can just post any sort of thread, anywhere, at any time. There are threads devoted to videos of Akuma which is what half the flaming is about, and the other half is that this combo really was a lot of execution for a lot of nothing.

If you are going to post looking for attention and pats on the back, then make sure what you are posting is actually worth the time of the people who read it. There isn’t a single place in life where writing junk is praised…Wait I take that back just look at ESPN.

Take some of your own advice. Get tired of Assholes? Then just ignore them. Instead you go ahead and make a post in the same tone and manner as the very posters you are criticizing. Then you make the typical internet stereo type of a bunch of nerds sitting around talking about SF4 all day.

In the end you are one giant hypocrite. You are the hater of the haters.

Lol, you’re correct but really … It didn’t need a thread :rofl:

I know some Akumas who can pull off 27 hit combos… ONLINE. it’s called “Die One Thousand Deaths”. woo-ee it’s a good’n.

that was a sick round

second round is just as good

total rape

and akuma yells execution as he gets the 2nd round perfect ko…

every opportunity, you definitely executed


edit: why is everyone complaining about how he chose to do his damage? the ryu was terrible…

in future…

st.HP xx Fireball > FADC > st.HP xx LK Tatsu > HP SRK

You’re welcome.