[12 to 14 Aug 2016] NYG X-2 (Brooklyn, NY) Virtua Fighter Final Showdown



Once again, New York City prepares to host the Western World’s most hype VF event: the New York Gathering.

This year one of our own hosts the tournament; NYC_VF’s own Hayato will be holding the event in his shop ifixmachine . This is a great venue with arcade cabinets, a complete stream setup, and outdoor space for a barbecue! We always strive to bring the best hangout experience to VF every Summer, and are excited to eat, drink, and play VF with you all!

Event Location​

As usual, this will be a three day gathering, with casuals throughout as well as singles and team tournaments. There are going to be a ton of arcade machine setups featuring VF as well as old school classic arcade games (King of Dragons is a personal fave), in addition to xbox 360 setups for those who prefer using their own sticks / pads. Nearby food places offer both cheap and tasty food, and CruzLink himself will be feeding you his hot, spicy meat from the bbq grill. The nearby gas station has a good beer selection, and there is a liquor store up the street.

Venue Fee: $10 per day.
All tournaments are free entry.

Harbor Motor inn
This is probably the closest hotel to the shop, though there are others located near train stations and moderate walking distance.


Tournaments will be held on Saturday and Sunday and will be streamed. Based on participation, not all matches may be streamed, but there is a good chance all of them will. There are no entry fees for either tournament, with prizes being awarded to winners. Consult the rules spoiler at the bottom of this section for more.

Singles tournament will take place on Saturday, beginning at 3:00 P.M. We are debating whether to hold top 8 on Sunday, as other tournaments do, and will do so if time requires.

Teams tournament will take place on Sunday, and will feature teams of 3. Last year’s team tournament was really hype, and most people participated. We highly encourage everyone to start making teams now, and spread the word if you want to participate and don’t have a team.

Spoiler: Tournament Rules

NYC_VF has always provided the highest quality streams, and this gathering will be no exception. We will continue our practice of streaming all day with a minor adjustment. After last year’s tournament, the decision was made to schedule the tournaments and other streamed events, so the audience will know when to tune in for the more hype stuff.

Friday Stream Schedule: Casuals throughout the day. Exhibitions may start at 8:00. Please contact us if you want to do a FT10, FT7, whatever kind of thing. We will fill this day out as people make challenges

Saturday Stream Schedule: Stream will start around 1:00 P.M. Singles Tournament starts at 3:00 P.M. Before this, casuals will be streamed.

Sunday Stream Schedule: Stream will start around 1:00 P.M. Team Tournament starts at 2:00 P.M. Before this, casuals will be streamed.

We are looking for volunteers to provide consistent commentary during tournaments. Contact me through PM if you wish to provide commentary. Our goal will be to have enough commentators ahead of time to allow them to switch when they have matches. We won’t know if this is a possibility unless you get in contact with us first.



address is 2116 bath ave brooklyn ny 11214