12 vs Remy

any tips ??

hey i’m fighting a good remy player dude …
really tough

Will Remy is a bit of a long distance fighter, he’ll use LOV’s to control space and bait u to jump into a Rising Rage Flash. Because of this don’t air dash too much. He can Rising Rage Flash u or crouching HP you as well and start a good Rising Rage Flash juggle 2 in one. If u stick to walking & crouching, then Remy can’t use his target combo on ya. Walk under his High LOV’s and counter. Use a throw if close enough. Use D.R.A.'s to counter low LOV’s. Or use a Instant Air Dash MK to counter them. Stick the IAD MK or LP, they got the best chance of hitting a grounded opponent if timed right. Only use the IAD HP or Hk to whiff into a throw. Because IAD Hp’s & HK’s always whiff. Remy should know better not to throw LOV’s close, or u can parry & throw his sorry ass. If u got enough meter to spare use a X.N.D.L. when he throws a LOV it will break the projectile and stuff Remy. If your in range use c. LK, c. LP, C. MK or s. LP to snuff a LOV. Use far away LOV’s to your adavantage by parrying them to quickly & effienctly build up some gauge. Most of the time u wanna close in on Remy into close range fighting and poking him outta range, this will piss a Remy player off and prolly make him a sloppy player. Plus if ya in range, after a whiffed Rising Rage Flash, use a c. HK and wake-up with c. LK, A.X.E. (LP) or c. MK, c. LP. Stay outta the corner, or he could use his double light of Justice combo, or his corner juggles.

Speaking as both a 12 and remy player…i got bad news fer ya, remy is a master at controling the flow of gameplay and maintaining his distance or lack there of, even when controlled by the scrubiest opponent…to be fair tho, so is 12, but in a very indirect way compared to remy…if this remy player ur up against is familiar with the 3s engine and parries like a madman, stay out of the corner, his N. throw to RRF or SA1 will destroy 12 in no time. If he just switches from turtle to tiger style at random, then focus on bait and throw tactics (12’s strongest game, coupled with close combat switch-ups IMHO).

I couldn’t agree more, one thing I forgot to add is that most Remy players, even the scrubs will not be stupid enough to throw a High LOV. I suggest askin’ thongboy Beebop about beatin’ Remy with Twelve.