12 way disconnect?



Going to try to shoot for a one piece quick disconnect for switching top panels between Stickless and Stick setups. Aka having two panels ready to switch at any time, very easily… preferably without having to screw/unscrew stuff.

Looking for something like a 12 way Pluggable terminal strip. Preferably a sleek one. They appear to be all over Europe/Asia, but many sites have a minimum order for North America orders, or just plain won’t ship to USA.

Anyone know where I can find something pretty much like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/PLUG-IN-TERMINAL-BLOCK-WIRE-CONNECTOR-STRIP-16A-6-10mm-12-PIN-1-PIECE-NEW-/180740169946


Wire them up to a DA-15 terminal.


DB-15 terminal? sorry not having luck googling the da-15 . Anything like the link above would be perfect for quick swappage


I found some in UK, for 2 pairs it’ll be 22 bucks shipped, so I’ll just go with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, DA is the correct nomenclature for that size terminal.

DB is just what everyone calls it despite the DB prefix supposedly indicating the larger one.



Here is a tutorial blklightning made for connecting to a db15 for his panels. Hard as shit though


I was thinking of doing this myself but since I’m getting a remora, it added too many cables to be practical. Anyway, something you might be interested in trying if you are doing this for a TE stick; maybe you could cut a hole in the inside of the stick where the button holes are inside the chassis and flush mount one of the connectors rather than having the connectors floating about.


The slick option is to use a board edge connector of some kind so that installing the panel also plugs it in.


how bout just using pin headers?


edit: I canceled my order and instead got some of these guys http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1919 Thanks to 32teeth for the suggestion and link!! Is perfect for my situation!


Great idea Rufus, why didn’t I think of that!


or you could try molex connectors


Even though I ordered the connectors from pololu… I decided it would look better to use some “brite green” ATX connectors… http://www.frozencpu.com/products/9444/ele-541/FrozenCPU_ConnectRight_20-Pin_Female_ATX_Power_Connector_-_UV_Bright_Green.html?tl=g51c381s1011

I think these will work nicely. :slight_smile:


I always had in mind phoenix connectors since they tend to be screw terminals or spring-loaded, but it seems to be all PCB-mounted stuff with very few in-line options.


Good ideas in here.

Anyone suggest a good cheap crimper (from an actual hardware store) that i can get for crimping bare quick disconnects and pins for my atx connectors?