12 year old arrested at school for doodling on desk


There’s a lot more to the article for those who care.

This seems really excessive to me. Arrested for drawing on her desk? Really? Do the Principle and Dean do anything at schools anymore or do they just dial up the local cops to do their jobs for them?

Edit: Heh I just noticed someone else posted this same story in another thread.

“Zero Tolerance” is used when logic no longer dictates their policies.

^darn white folks with their “zero tolerance” and their “dictates”.

how about dat SSF4?!

fucking ridiculous O_O

LoL clowned.

Wow… just wow. That’s insane!

Is wasting police time a larger or smaller offense than minor vandalism?

How did someone who can’t handle a 12 year old girl with some crayons/a pencil/whatever without having to call the police end up as a school principle?

at least she didnt get tased/bear maced. Anything is possible these days.

Yeah, I saw her on either Fox or one of the other cable news networks recently. Hopefully she will become famous later on. I see some interesting potential in that specimen. I’d say she needs to become famous again in a few years so we can see how things have developed.

That might be a little over the top. . .

I’d hate to be at a school with that kind of principal

Welcome to overly-pc, scared-stupid white america.

That’s pathetic.

What the hell is this bullshit LOL

the whole concept of zero tolerance is bs. a shame it takes the actual occurrence of special cases like this for some people to realise that.

In the science lab in my highschool i drew spiderman and in the caption bubble it said “Spidey says: Fuck Yourself” and I didnt even get in shit. They knew it was me but I never fessed up and they couldnt prove it but i dont think I would have gotten in too much shit for it… poor girl

This type of news no longer surprises me. Fuck that principal, they should have slapped the cuffs on HIM.

have you guys seen her pic? it’s obvious what happened.

wait a month, principal is gonna be sued for trying to blackmail her

serves her right for drawing on school property instead of drawing on her homework assignments like everybody else

Zero tolerance is turning people who make a mistake into life long criminals.

I just read a story where a guy kicked a door in, it was his 1st offense, and normal 1st offense for that crime was 3 months, but the judge gave him 5 years…for kicking a door in…fuck the judicial system.