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Hi everyone,

Forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong place. I was going through the list trying to see if there was a video dedicated to posting your archive of videos. Well, what I wanted to show you is a list of videos I have done while playing as Vega. The funny thing is the reason why I even started playing as Vega was all because of a keep away Akuma. I was playing as Cody at the time fighting against a Rank A Akuma that was shooting projectiles in the air and on the ground and when I closed in, he either whirl wind kicked in the air to escape or he would teleport to the other side out of reach to once again repeat the process. To my frustration of not wanting that to ever happen again, that is why I decided why I wanted to play as Vega because I wanted to play as a character that has a good pursuit ability which he does with the exception of perhaps Dhalsim which I think is a match in favor of Dhalsim in which Crimson Viper is strong against Dhalsim (and in turn, Vega is strong against Viper from my experience of playing A ranked Viper’s :wink: ) Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. I put the Rank of each on each of the descriptions so searching “Rank A” “Rank B” the highest Rank I have fought was MASTER rank and it was pretty brutal!

Anyways, I wanted to post these videos because I thought they would show some basics of how to play Vega. I am by no means perfect, as of right now I am Rank B with 8000 BP, I have beaten Rank A Vega’s on the US PSN servers if that says anything considering that I hear X-Box live carries the superior competition. I hope you enjoy.



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