120hz 120fps ssfiv


hi all
i just noticed via fraps and msi afterburner that ssfiv runs at 60fps capped, despite turning off vsync, messing around with catalyst settings, and changing framerate type. i have a radeon 7970 with a 120hz monitor, and would obviously like to play the game at 120fps if possible. the settings.ini fie in my documents can be changed to read 120hz, but the fps seems capped at 60. also just for reference i own sfxt which has an in-game settings for refresh rate - it doesn’t seem to do anything. i read that the game’s speed is dictated by fps but i don’t see how this is fair (or marketable) to anyone running a rig that can’t consistently stay above 60, and it isn’t consistent with how games normally deal with increased framerates.

is there any way to force 120fps?

Is it just me, or is the PC version getting more popular?

The game is capped at 60fps. There is a reason for it. Check what frame data is.


i did get that but i didn’t understand why for example if a move takes 10 frames in 60hz, why it wouldn’t just take 20 frames in 120hz. also sfxt explicitly has a 120hz refresh rate option so I’m not sure I understand it still? just seems odd that at the very least movement forwards and backwards or the background animations couldn’t be running at 120fps with moves still being animated and counted in 16ms frames.

can you pelase enlighten me? thanks.


This is why SF is always better on console.


For starters this is a console port. Also to keep a uniform experience for these games across platforms that would mess it up. Not on a programming scale but visually. Now from a programming end of it…they would have to rewrite the whole game.

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SF4’s gameplay speed is tied to rendering. Anything other than 60fps would be the wrong speed.


Only the Pc version Benchmark can run over 60 fps and that’s only to check the strength of your computer A or B or C.




it cant be 120 because they have not created the other 60 frames, it cant be any smoother than 60.
if you were to uncap the frame rate, then the game would have to go super speed to fill in the missing frames


how exactly?


I think that he’s trying to say there is that he believes that console is better because you’re so limited in ability that you don’t notice the fault in consoles and their inability to surpass the 60FPS cap (and on most games, 30 FPS cap) that is implemented. That’s just a speculation though.


considering most console games run at around 30fps and are bombed with motion blur to hide fps lag


if it were 2D that would make sense but it’s not so it doesn’t. just create the “key frames” and it renders the rest on it’s own since it’s in 3D and therefore using points in an XYZ map. anyways, if the game played 120hrtz you’d barely notice and it’s not worth it.


PC gamers thinking Fighting games are the same as other genres. This isnt Star Craft.


that’s actually not correct. for example if your framerate settings is fixed and because of your slow gpu you only get average 30fps, the actual game speed is not affected from this. also sf4 has the typical fighting game frame data, this doesn’t imply that animations and moves are designed frame by frame.
3d character animations are created by keyframing specific positions and interpolating them. the engine (or the frame date) then handles how fast these interpolations will go and at which time point a frame is required and will be rendered.
by this you make sure that the game is played with the same speed on every system independent of the framerate and the performance. this is also the key for avoiding desyncs in 3d games where the actual game mechanics have nothing to do with the rendering cycle (which also makes dedicated server software possible).


The fixed option forces 60fps.
Variable can go higher.


the fixed option is more a “skip frame” option like in emulators to keep the original speed of the game in case of performance drops, where variable outputs every frame even if it it slows down the game speed. there is no option which can fix a slow system and force it to output full 60 fps.
I tested the two options and both don’t allow more fps than 60, seems there is a fps cap in the game. the only part without the cap is the benchmark.