123 geneijin vs 123-shoulder geneijin and kara palm specifics

ive seen match videos where people just do the lp lk mp chain into the geneijin if they have sufficient meter. why is it that they dont do 123-shoulder then activate geneijin? is it pointless to or is there another reason?

kara palm:
yes i have read everything others have posted about it but i still am curious of one more thing. is the kara palm executed with the STANDING lk or crouching lk?

thank you

I dont think you have read anything…anyway the shoulder makes your GJ combo really weak thats all you need to know. Oh and also if your 123 chain is blocked and you do a shoulder into GJ its easy to red parry then you’ll get punished. The kara is done with STANDING lk.

i have read the threads and i do realize that the threads continuously mention geneijin combos starting with 123 without the shoulder and i also noticed that the threads mention that kara lunges and palms are done with lk. i just wanted to make sure as to why the threads didnt mention 123 shoulder and did not specify if it was standing lk or crouching lk. yes it could be seen as obvious from the posts but i have misinterpreted posts before (ex: makotos kara fukiage. i used to think it was done with CROUCHING and i never realized the possibility of it being standing hk until i read the yun thread… yea im slow). im sorry if i came across as not checking the threads before i posted (im not being sarcastic)

The shoulder decrease the damage to ~60 instead of ~95 but if 123 hits and you miss some meter I go for it. Otherwise try to avoid.

Only shoulder if your meter is almost there but not quite (around 85%). Learn a few resets in case this happens.

regarding kara palm: so it’s standing lkxxpalm? how do I know that it’s cancel? I tried to do it but it seems the lk is quite quick so I don’t konw if it works or not. plus I don’t know how people do it but when I do it in the corner, I get push back but when I see others do it, they don’t get push back, or as far as I am.

The full karapalm is st.mpXXst.lkXXpalm. The st.mp is where the huge step foward comes from. You need to do that if you want to do karapalm combos on people. The lkXXpalm is only useful on its own for doing something like f+mk, f+mk, lkXXpalm against someone like Dudley, where a normal palm wouldn’t land.

you could just do the ghetto palm on people(prolly the wide char), 123,mp, f+fierce (hopkick, ghetto palm)+ender till end of gj, its easy and practical.

Are you kiddin me -_-

You mean to tell me 123 actually stands for lp,lk, then mp?

Lol and here I am trying to to lp,mp,hp at the arcades making a fool of myself because I could never get the hp to connect after mp. Well I get it sometimes to connect but it doesn’t work 90% of the time.

Damage scaling…