12's Links

Help me out, cos I’m gonna compile as many worthwhile links and cancels as possible… Don’t want any OTGs because they’re all on only Hugo (and Dudley + Alex, right?)…

(c. MP) c. WK -> LP. AXE
(c. MP) c. WK -> XNDL
b+ MK -> XNDL
b+ MK -> sj. xx XFLAT
j.HP (coming out of low air dash) -> XNDL
EX NDL -> sj. xx EX dive*

*I’ve never done this myself, seemed like a waste of meter… anyone want to check this for me?

I know I missed a lot… but those are what I use.

yeah, ex ndl, ex dive works as a combo. i already posted that up a long time ago. corner only.

since corner only, exndl leads to almost anything. ex ndl, one hit lp axe
exndl, mp
ex ndl, jab. whatever.

12 doesn’t need combos.

12 needs combos so he can showboat. Especially if it’s Inviso-12. =D

I start to think you’re kidding around here.

No, really. :wink:

Well done sj. dash mindgames are good enough for showboating IMO.

I am not sure if you need to be in the corner for this, but hitting with the EX-Tenticles can be followed up with a standing roundhouse.

when i have done ex tentacles into roundhouse it either works when i am in the corner or if my opponent is ithe corner. Just to make sure can anyone test this?

it works anywhere…

Pfft I forgot this.

j.FP -> LP AXE xx SA

what is the trick to jump cancel from 12’s close mk.

I usually try to hit the mk first then follow up with a tiger knee motion then toward really quick (for a super jump low air dash cancel from a mk). I can do it 80% of the time. But its very difficult. Does anyone else know of an easier way?

excellent. i got it in my second try. thanks