12V Automobile Power Inverter for running Multiple Consoles/Monitors


I was wondering how many watts I would need to power 4 setups, each with a monitor, or at the minimum, 2 of these.
What would be the power draw from a 360+monitor?
I’m not sure how cheap I can go as far as inverters, 100W? 500W?
Thanks for any way you can help! I plan on making a mobile meetup (some chairs, a small table) machine out of my car.


Question is what make and model of monitor and what version of the Xbox 360, as they all have different power requirements.


Lets just assume on the high end for safety purposes?


Really, what would be the best option for mobile 120v for 2 setups?


Here are the best two I can find

Don’t use the cigarette port cable on this one

They are enough to run a single refrigerator on.

Anything less I cannot recommend with a good conscious