13 new vids


Alright guys, you asked for clips of me getting my ass kicked and ive supplied quite a few. 13 new vids are up on my site www.obot64.com/games
dont worry bout the huge file sizes I usually use… cuz of the number of vids I shrunk them down… ENJOY :smiley:

Ps. Huge shout out to VDO, and Hallow for coming out. Big ups to VDO for his over 100 wins, I learned a lot.


Lol, nice, ill have to watch them when I get home :smiley:


Just watched the first vs obot vid.

That Cammy and Haohmaru would be funny… except they won :eek:


the K groove joe REALLY needs some work. instead of jding jump ins, how about doing his tiger kick dp instead? that shit is fast and doesnt leave him open for too long.

all his c.lk, c.mk and slide moves are good and you should stick them out for often.

you should also jump in with lk and mk more often instead of trying to jd.

last but not least, you should throw with joe more often. his kick throw is one of his best weapons. use it.


excellent! i’ve always enjoyed your match videos and now there’s about 13 of them. :lol: :lol: :lol:


I saw loads of things, but the two things that leaped out:

  1. You really need to practice your combo into super skills, or choose characters that don’t rely on combo into super.

  2. You need to practice your reversal super/dp timing. Because it really sucks now and he is not scared at all of doing meaty attacks on you. If you let people meaty you everytime you land or get up, you will lose.


omfg vdo is raping u guys so bad.

big things i saw were:

-learn to combo
-develop a rythm…i noticed u cant even do 3 c. shorts in a row without messing up the rythm
-start learning how to counter p-groovers…THROW HIM! You threw him ONCE, and that was when he was dizzy.
-learn to fuck up p-groovers who wanna jump in and parry…do things like crouching attacks that hit mid or crouching attacks that hit low but have a midrange’ish hitbox. Or do chains or something.
-start anti-airing


k, i’m done.

if it makes u feel ne better, that other guy got raped worse then u.


true, city hunter got raped more badly than you, at least you came close to beating him once. you’ve got a long way to go buddy. although i learned a lot from watching your beatings.

  1. Get a stick
  2. Learn to combo into supers

That’s all, I think you know what you need to work on, if not it’s all been posted above.


I’ll be honest, I can’t cr. lk X 2 > Lvl 2 Shoryureppa for crap, even though I know its essential to Ken, Akuma and Ryu (Shinhadouken). Akuma especially since I’m trying to pick him up in C-Groove. It takes a bit of practice and a stick helps. Unless you practice constantly, you won’t keep it down. There was one week where I constantly practiced that to death and I kept it for that one week while practicing and lost it the next 2 weeks because I was using scrub-friendly A-Groove. :mad:

But seriously,… where were the wakeup moves??? Was he parrying them the first set of matches and that’s why you guys weren’t doing them, or were you guys messing up the timing for the wakeup JD’s??? He was meaty-attacking you guys to death.

Other than Raiden and Gief,… I find a good amount of success with Akuma’s dive kick with the right distance (try not to execute it right above the opponent, since your recovery time will be increased). And one more thing, I noticed your air fireballs were either poorly timed or wrongly distanced. I don’t find near as much success with an Air Fireball unless I am doing it Tiger Knee style to crossup on lying opponents. I’d avoid jumping in with it blankly and start using the dive kick instead for your purposes.


How do you defend aginst meaty-attacking???
that shit even fucked up my jd timing…


To practice meaty attacking, go to training mode. Select Mister Bison as your dummy. Have him do non-stop slides. Get hit by a slide and try to reversal as you get up.

There’s no excuse not to reversal L3 if he’s doing meaty every time, especially since you’re in K groove and can use triple button trick.


triple button trick? hmnn i think alot of u guys are forgitting I just started playing cvs serouly not to logn ago… I am the scrub… :frowning:
so i dont know all this stuff…


Yo obot come to canada for the big tourney taht coming up in january! :slight_smile: Bring vdo and FS :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I started playing seriously not long ago myself so i couldnt do much better than you and city. BUT thats the first time ive ever seen a really good p groove user. That was a display of some of the awesome shit they can do.


yes, ime in the process of tryign to get TKK, and VDO to drop by at the same time… Those matches will be Fucking awsome… can you wait?:eek:


Drum your fingers over all 3 buttons to get more inputs. I personally don’t use this since it’s not too difficult to get the timing down, but it’s helpful I guess.


Shit, VDO owned both of your asses. Cmon Obot stop being so random! Like what someone else said “practice BnB combos untill your fingers bleed.” As for CityHunter…sigh thats all i can say.

EDIT: Oh yeah both of you guys need to stop trying to JD everything. You guys are taking retarded hits because you guys are trying to JD too much. Also you guys are not using anti-air, insteading you guys are JDing, not a good idea. Just JD all projectiles or flat out obvious moves.


VDO better be glad that I wasn’t there. :evil:

Hell, that goes for TKK as well! :evil:


DreStinson… are you any good, only time i herd your name was coming out of massus mouth, talking bout how u was afraid to play him… :confused:
What up wit dat?