13-year-old black girl compared modern school to slavery


I like to get contrasting views on most of the news that I read, but I couldn’t find any information from the school’s perspective (not that I think that it would make it any better, I’m just curious as to their explanation).


[EDIT: Because the title is misleading, let me phrase it differently here; 13-year-old black girl writes essay likening her lot to that of Frederick Douglass.]


She’s stupid…that’s all.


This is pretty much it

You could choose to debate this but you’d be wrong

Also, school is stupid for kicking her out as well

EDIT: Just read what she wrote, the school is really fucking stupid for excluding her. Seriously WTF were they thinking??? HOLY SHIT SHE’S GONNA TAKE OUR JOBS


That’s retarded, we should all troll that #.

Geese Pants you seem to be a dire case so I’ll enroll you into my school for kids who can’t read good and want to do other things good too, free of charge.


At first I wanted to believe that this kid was being an idiot and there was no way her teacher would treat the students in any way that could be compared with the education restrictions in the 19th century.

But then I read further on what the teacher did in response. Refusing to submit the essay is fine, driving the kid out of class with very poor grades and refusing to show the proof that the kid earned the failing grades just proves that she was right.


This is considerably less retarded than the British cardinal who compared the proposed legalisation of gay marriage to slavery.

Damn America, you guys are dropping the ball.


And it’s an election year!


So she blaming the teacher for her classmate lack of focus and motivation. If her classmate have the same perseverance and diligence like herself would she still have the same view?


I guess nobody remembers that teacher that made all the Black students pretend to be slaves, tied them up like they were on their way to be made slaves…


Thread title makes the kid sound stupid, when you read the article makes you feel stupid for prejudging…


I should’ve specified I was referring to the teacher originally.
Reading through further…both sides are not making sense.


Read further/better, she thinks that both the teachers and the students are dropping the ball.


I’m just glad that girl was finally emancipated. This is a triumph for racist little girls everywhere.


I agree, title is very misleading.

If I wasn’t bored in class I would’ve read the title and just LOL all day. It’s a shame that things like this happens in schools of all places. I’d expect it elsewhere like a workplace or restaurant, not a school where kids go to learn.




It’s tough to truly get to the bottom of a situation at a lot of these schools. The teachers, parents and administration are all competing interests a lot of times, instead of working together like they’re supposed to. A LOT of the problems in schools today could be fixed if all three sides would just back the fuck down and talk in a civil manner about things. So yeah, you’re gonna get some convoluted sounding stories, because everyone’s got their own version.

That being said, it’s a 13 year old kid. Even if she was being mistreated, you wouldn’t liken that to slavery. Racism and prejudice in the 50’s 60’s maybe, but not Frederick Douglass. The former would not shock me in the least though, and that’s kind of sad. I went through some of my teaching courses alongside middle class white girls that were just straight up not comfortable around black people in some ways.


Young people think any suffering they have is the worst in the world, generally.


TERRIBLE thread title, pls fix it

this girl is commendable i like the excerpts from her essay.


If she thinks school is bad, wait until she sees minimum wage.



Wow her school got really salty.