13 year old boy tries to rape his mom before shooting her dead for taking away his Call of Duty game


**‘I killed my mom with my .22. I don’t know why I did it’: Chilling 911 call reveals 13-year-old boy admitting he tried to rape and then shot dead his mom ‘for taking away his Call of Duty video game’ **

Killer: Noah Crooks, left, allegedly shot his mother Gretchen, right, multiple times in her Iowa home and then called police

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2319064/Noah-Crooks-Chilling-911-reveals-13-year-old-boy-admitting-tried-rape-shot-dead-mom-taking-away-video-game.html#ixzz2SKFWugqr

Weapon: A motive for the shooting has yet to be reported while the victim’s husband, pictured, had a penchant for guns according to his Facebook page

Child’s play: Noah revealed that his mother had taken away his ‘Call of Duty’ video game because he got bad grades in school, and that is when he snapped


Kid failed at raping his mother though…nonetheless let the little fucker rot.


Another person being murdered with games involved?


so SHE buys a 13/14 year a handgun AND buys him a game he is not old enough to play AND the two weren’t on the best of terms

I guess his teammates convinced him she will respawn in the garage

it looks like the next game he will play is Call of Duty:Ghosts :coffee:


We all know this is going to have nothing to do with the bad relationship with his mother. Every news outlet is going to pin the murder on violent video games producing killers, and the almost rape thing will bring up games that have sex in them like the witcher 2 and mass effect. Also none of these news outlets will know what the fuck they are talking about.


Another 4channer goes to juvey.

Big deal.


I wish parents were allowed to be blamed for being terrible parents.


Wow, this is fucked up…Either way, I don’t mind if they blame CoD, series is ass now. Leave my other games alone though:(


If you want the conversation to get even funnier, let’s compare the number of murders that involve Call of Duty to the number of murders that involve guns.




What is going on with kids these days? I mean I’m not even that old (27) but when I was 14 I would never think of doing some shit like this, and as far as I know everyone I hung out with turned out fine as well.


0.o da fuq…wheres a white people be crazy gif when you need one


jesus, it seems like for a lot of kids its easier to get your hands on guns than drugs. wheres that christmas story santa to tell all these parents they’ll shoot their eyes/brains out with these things?


Mother buys her kid a gun, the kid tries to rape the mom and of course the videogame will be to blame.

Unless he teabagged her after the killing you have no evidence of CoD’s part in this!


As much as I’m tempted to hop on the “white people are crazy” belief bandwagon, I’d rather not.


He totally tried to rape his mother because of all the scantily clad women featured in his shooting game.

But seriously, bravo, you killed the source of the infection, now we don’t have to worry about them multiplying.


@shadow ace…damn son.

But seriously while the mom buying a gun for him when he was 11 is a clearly terrible decision it doesn’t mean she deserved to die man, why do comment sections always act as the infinity gauntlet of Internet stupidity.

Can’t imagine how the dad feels my condolences to him and the rest of the family.


kid wanted to rape his mom

he obviously had problems. we don’t need to look further than that to blame the mom or the video games. this kid was crazy.


Lack of Booty makes you moody. Lack of Call of Duty___________?


What is up with kids and teens nowadays with fuck up mind and attitude? I’m twenty nine years old and back when I was a teen I had my video game taken from me countless time from my parents for doing stupid shit they didn’t approve of but I didn’t go all rage out and kill them.

Oh, and Call of Duty is serious business to these teens.




That shit is still hilarious, more so because damn near anybody with brothers had small fights like that over anything. I know I did.