...13 years on SRK

Oh, and when some dude who actually goes to tournaments and shows some face time on stream they can’t suck enough of their dick. I laugh EVERY FUCKING TIME I read that shit.

I remember a poster claiming he made his GF shoutout to SRK while boning her… who was that?

This is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in a while. I’ve been lurking on this thread for a bit, honestly not knowing who Cisco is since I’ve only been on the forum for 3 years. I admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of him, but that Hanson Brothers shit is fucking hilarious. I wish I could have seen some of these posts as they were happening years ago.

@Cisco- even though I don’t know you and I’m a member of a laughable three years, my hat goes of to you, sir.

Shut up, serp and east coast are the beast

Your very much welcome. It’s great to see that there are still 1-4 year old posters who actually take my past great threads of it’s real value. I’m about to retire in about 4 days by the way so you can search my great threads to keep up and now that when i leave, no matter who else comes or goes there will never be another poster who made the greatest threads, who murdered every atheist that tried to step up, and made the most accurate predictions in UMVC3.

Like my posts and search my threads. Stay clear from the girly-men who have polluted the board.

Golden Nismor was an MVC2 player. Yeah Dood 120% and JiBbo are brothers.

This is the best thread on SRK today!!!

EDIT: Oh yeah and good old SAVALAS:

I remember the girl who was IMing some dude on AOL and he told her to say AARRRR

I remember Jive Turkey Jones dismantling someone when the guy made some comparison about his nuts and a Nestle Crunch bar. Ahahaha.

Also, The Rock. He was a hilarious poster. Laying the smack down and calling out jabronis.

somebody had a handle like that, also holla mcdolla

niggas were creative back then.

I miss the rock, that train went strong for a long ass time.

Ryu1999 emigrated to Hong Kong. He’s married and got a kid.

Wow really? That’s interesting. Did he marry a white chick? He was always looking for one back in law school, but he kept striking out.

HK is pretty rough, very congested area. I have some friends over there.

According to NY/NJ peeps, rsigley was apparently for real–as much a troll online as off.
In fact, I remember him and Justin Wong getting into it on the boards as rsigley apparently threatened to release evidence that Wong had banged some underage girl or something back when he was 17 or some shit.
In fact, you might actually be able to find it on the MvC2 boards right now if it survived all these crashes.


I can’t believe we have GD veterans I remember reading 10+ years ago (Lurked since 2001, banned then came back in 2004) winning majors now. Even winning EVO.

That was Bloodninja but i don’t think he was ever a member of SRK.

trolls and funny posters i enjoyed reading: Rsigley, Cisco, Serpent, Colguile, Million, the Rock, Jive and Magnetix.

Trolls i hated: Shadedwolf, Bloody, SA.M, and Krass.

I haven’t posted in SRK in a LONG time it’s good to be back! :slight_smile:

gd as it is now still seems pretty new to me


nuff said. haha

Y’all niggas is crazy.

Oh shit, the drunken one has returned! Welcome back, DGP.

My favorite OG SRK memory is still when Shin Chuji/Strongrrr “died”. Hahaha, god that was fucking gold. Where is that guy now, anyway? …Hopefully not dead for real this time.

SPAClock/ECSplan, that dude was funny as shit!

My favorite moment was when Sony and RoninChaos had some time of argument. Sony told him he was hood and would beat RC’s ass, if anyone has seen pictures of RC he is a pretty big dude, so RC just posted where he worked and when he worked and told him to meet him in the parking lot since they both lived in the ATL. Sony kept making excuses and never did show his face, afterwards his fanboys lost respect to him and every thread he made from that point on was continuous trolled by the masses of SRK.