...13 years on SRK


Anyone know what happened to Philth? He used to write blog posts updating his life, and I think the last one was he was going to jail due to some poor life choices. Hope he’s still alive


I would’ve quit playing a long time ago but since super arcade is like literally a block away from my house it is very hard ugh


I have talked to Ronin a few times I’ve battle.net, and he seems pretty busy in real life

I was never around that long (I lurked for years before making an account, and even then I avoided GD for another year or so), but I liked his posts and Azraels posts. Orange Cat too.


I can’t tell if his account was deleted or if he got stuck in that shitty “account was deleted so all posts from it are now from Unknown” limbo. :\


yeah preppy it was… its the same reason i only have like… 400 or so posts…


Just figured I’d post this up to see who comes outta the woodwork. But then I guess it means I’d have to lurk here again to check up aha…

PS: Saying “RIP Fighters.Net” isn’t even relevant anymore haha


Relevant; you never forget your first Guard Crush, especially if it’s from way back.


I don’t remember Clockw0rk posting much on FNet. cka is still around on The-Next Level. He’s still as ornery as ever.


Shit. I remember lurking on trmk.org back in 1996 when it was called hotweird mk or something like that


Most of yall still "gay."
I have to use quotes to keep it “PC” since that where we are now.
LOT OF flame wars… lol. If only I put that much time into helping the world let alone leveling up.
Fuck specs as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew. J/k. Hope you’re alive and happy. [details=Spoiler] fag [/details]
Although writing yall, I wonder how many people are gonna get butt frustrated.

Did you live in Tucson for a bit?


RIP SRKGD the good times faded long ago.


Last I heard he was near the San Diego area. wish I knew that when it was relevant I would have kicked it with him and bought him a few drinks.

Last time I saw him though was during that big SRK dinner at Evo 2008.

Fuck Dan Marino.


Does anyone remember Chris sevila of nsj back in 2001???


He went by croe529


Poor Bloofy…that guy got flamed so many times. Same for Motoki. I still remember the “denthead” photos.

Master Akuma was part of a legit fgc back in Portugal but because he acted like a douche 90% of time while spamming SRK with his awful combo videos everybody couldn’t help but hate the guy. Who could have known we would miss him someday?

Act like you know.


Yeah true, but the rest of the internet isn’t so great either usually, unless you love social media I suppose. I’m not sure how tumblr works but that might be a good one, I was introduced to the guy that founded it some months back.

SRK frequently sucks and the old flame wars aren’t there, but it still gives you a good broad selection of topics and some news to kill time on sometimes. It’s just not as much time as in the past, although usually we won’t have that time to waste either.

One thing I wonder about is the average age of the posters. It makes sense that us older posters would have less time, and if this site was mostly us old farts it would make sense for it to be dead/sterile. But from what I’ve been seeing there are a ton of younger posters on here. It’s just they are all soft. It’s really amazing how soft younger generations are now, I definitely feel like people that grew up in say the 80s just had to deal with more stuff I guess, and as a result aren’t so PC and effeminate.


Holy crap…speaking of the devil. I just went to his website and he released a combo video last month.

EDIT: :rofl: @ that Thanos bubble infinite and easy KOF 97 Blue Mary 100%. Now thats the Master Akuma we know. Ten years later and he’s still releasing shitty combo videos. I guess some things never change.


yup great forum

glad to see so many old friends still posting here = )


LOL @ not putting in any old MK combos. Here are some rediculous MK combos:


This thread:


I used to come here all the the time, but not as often anymore. The real world doesn’t really have me That busy, just that the GD used to not be as crazy as it used to be. I dunno, it doesn’t got the magic none more.