$130 budget two sticks for the pc

Help me out please.

Unless you get lucky wityh some really good deals, 2 T5 sticks with adapters.


buy two of those 120 bucks for both not including shipping however since 360 controllers work for the pc.

Wait do these use usb? or do I need an adapter?

more money and id say 2 VSHG’s

mine works great :smiley:

The xbox360 controllers use usb. YOu wouldn’t need an adapter at all.
for the tekken ps2 sticks yes, You would need adapters.

Whats the diff between high grade and regular virtua fighter sticks. Also do you think they will sell out in two months.

the regular ones are really old, made by Hori, and for ps2
and no longer in production

high grade’s are new, import only, made by sega, and sanwa parts, and for ps3/USB

and i have no idea as to production ending, but it will happen

lucky i got mine kinda early ^_~*

Why not get the Hori Fighting Stick 3?

That’s well within your budget. I don’t know why you would spend the ridiculous amount the DOA stick is going for when you can get two of the essentially same stick for less than the price of one DOA stick. And the VF stick doesn’t come out for another 3 weeks and is will be more expensive than the HFS3.


HFS3 would fit, except most people can’t get it to work on PC.

there’s some guy on the trading outlet selling his 2 player hot rod for like 100 ish. Not sure if he still has it. Pretty recent post though.

Hmmm…you talkin’ bout me willis? :wink:

Yeah, it’s still for sale. Go take a look. I’ll even mod if within reason. The price I put it up for was $75, and if you wanted mods, I’d do those case-by-case.

willis? lol. I was thinking of your sn but couldn’t remember it h.h. so I just apropriately replaced it with “some guy”.

No problem. It’s a late night at the office installing a new load balancer. I guess my sense of humor is a bit off. :smiley:

If its import only how come they list it as coming soon on the gamestop website. Is this


Is that the high grade one?