$136-million French Riviera jewel heist may be biggest in history


First thing I thought was


First thing I thought of when I saw that in Google News:


How the hell does 1 person do this? You have to admire the tenacity.


The jewel exhibit was on a wing with street access and little security. Gotta love it when companies are too cheap/stupid to hire a team of people to protect 100+ million in merchandise. I hope the insurance company denies their claim. Also the article said it may have been a member of the pink panther gang, which is COMPLETELY AWESOME.


I had to double check the source because this story sounded straight up out of a movie.


Carmen Sandiego has been missing for a while. Perhaps this is her big comeback.


They should have hired me to guard it. I can’t guarantee that the room would still be in one piece or that no one would get killed but the jewelry would still be there.


Whoa. What a smooth operator. In and out. I bet they only found out after the fact by reviewing the security camera footage.

LoL at ridiculous movies with super complicated heists. This is a real life example of a veteran in action. Observe and wait for that perfect opportunity. Then strike like a snake, swift and silent. No one knew the jewelry was gone until after the fact.