15th a. Street Fighter comic


Who knows this comic? Sorry if it’s already posted, I’m new.


I… don’t know what it is but ya better hurry getting it if ya plan to or I may have to get it myself. Plus thats a .co.uk place. Egads! I’m impressed!


Well Otaku has an English, American & Japanese site, maybe more I got my SF Eternal Challenge off them, great on-line store for Japanese imports. Oh & I don’t think they’re that limited with supplies either.


Groovy. Ta - mate. Don’t suppose you know what the actual comic DVD is do ya? Or heard anything on it?


Sorry mate not a clue, I only ordered EC off them & I already knew what it was.



Well in a fit of bravery and no reguard for my finacial postion at all I’ve gone and ordered it so I’ll see if I actually get it and what its like - if you can wait long enough I’ll give the heads up on it.

Not that I’ll understand a bloody word said in the thing but hopefully it’ll be full of rather groovy pictures or nice DVD thing or whatever.


I believe that this is the reprint of the RYU story that VIZ puts out a long time ago.


If someone buys it let us know what it’s all about.


But remember that it’s all Japanese aswell:D

Udoneko do you mean that series that I’ve heard referred to as Ryu Final? Haven’t seen the comics myself, not even sure if they got a translation but the ending sounds… interesting…


It’s a reprint of Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 Comic. The Japanese version was a bit longer that what we got in the US.

It also seems to include Pics of what seeom to be SF2 Characters in the SF2 Animated Movie style, but it’s like Pics of Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li together and they never meet in the Movie, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Perhaps these are pics from the Animated Series that was supposed to follow the Animated Movie but that idea got scrapped so instead we got SF2V.


Another Image.


that would be cool if they had even say just the first episode from this series somewhere in someones basement. Like something that obviously didnt make it on air. Even if it doesnt go anywhere its kinda cool to watch something and be like what could have been or something.