15th Anniversary of 3rd Strike


Today is the 15th anniversary for probably the greatest fighting game ever made. The balance isn’t perfect but this game is easily one of the more balanced fighters out there. Think about all the things this game got right:

Awesome oldschool 2D sprite work.
A jazz/R&B infused soundtrack.
A cool and far from OTT announcer. This is exceptionally rare for a Japanese fighter.
Perfect controls (if you can’t do a Shoryu in this, you suck, it’s not the game’s fault).
19 really diverse characters. IMHO this is the first game where Ryu and Ken played dramatically different from each other.
The Parry and Red Parry system.

Leading to this:


The moment that made 3S fans of us all.

Hats off to the developers, they really struck fucking gold in this game. Just consider how shithouse NG and 2I was and what they had to work with.


And I just feel like posting this again:


PS: someone needs to re-upload the “Play 3S It’s a Good Game” video.


Bodler may have the last remnants of the footage alive


A brilliant game.


Wow, 15 years. Still my favorite game.


I still remember where I first heard about this game in 99. There used to be a website called Gouki’s Page of Whatever. I went nuts when I heard about it on that page, and even more nuts when the first footage of Chun Li came out. Obscenely well animated.