15th Anniversary Stick: Easy to mod?

Hello, I have grown tired of waiting for TE sticks to become available again, and considering taking the plunge and purchasing one of these babies off eBay.

I just want to ask if these are easy to mod with Sanwas/Seimitsus or do they only take Happs?

Also, can I mod the stick with a JLF? Sorry for all the questions, I’m kind of a newbie to this.

If anyone can share their experience with these sticks that’d be awesome. Thanks.

They are easy to mod with Happ Parts, but it will take a lot of work to fit sanwa/seimitsu stick or buttons in there, and wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

Hey, thanks so much! Last question if anyone would know, are these babies fitted with QDs? (I hope so as I don’t have experience in soldering…)

yes, but you’re going to have to strip the qd’s on the wires and put in some qd’s with bigger lugs for the happ buttons.

your going to have to solder if you want to mod to the 360 as you have to solder the connections to the 360s pcb.

Also, in my stick, they glued all the connectors on so you will prob damage the buttons as I did trying to rip them out (I pulled out several pins).

As a quick tip, don’t try to solder the top of the board. It was a nightmare to get the solder to stick. do the bottom.

there’s a thread on hacking pads with the diagram you’ll want.

I’ve got my SF Anniversary stick modded with a SIXAXIS and AXISdapter. I left the stock Happ clone parts in there (still waiting for my stuff from LL). Unfortunately, I don’t know how much of the original PCB you’ll be able to use because I just completely removed mine along with XBox memory card adapter.

The great thing about is that there’s tons of space to work.

And to confirm, the only easy way to swap parts is to use Happ items. Using Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons might not fit and you can’t drop a J-spec stick in there without considerable alteration.


Unfortunately for me, I found this out the hard way and I think I destroyed the d-pad on my wired 360 controller. Any way I can solder to the analog stick instead? I’ll do a search to find the diagram, but any other pointers anyone can give would be much appreciated.


This guide is pretty helpful.

Found the diagram. Wow. Very excited to get back at it now.

You might actually be able to bottom-mount a JLW in there… There’s a grove routed out for the stock stick that should put the JLW somewhat close to it’s proper mounting depth, but you’ll want to measure the total thickness to be sure before you order one. The Korean Crown buttons may also fit instead of Happs, if you’re looking for a different feel, but you certainly won’t fit Sanwa or Seimitsu in there easily.

The Crown buttons are 28mm which should work fine with these smaller holes, and according to laugh, the max mounting depth on them is only a little less than a Happ button. You can check his sales thread for more info if you’re interested, I’ve heard they feel a lot more like Sanwa buttons than Happ buttons.


any alternatives if i want a ball top stick rather than typical bat style from happ? happ dont make ball tops do they?

Haha, I love that OH SNAP! Picture at the end with Ken parrying Chun’s super, good shit.

Like I mentioned, you could potentially fit a JLW in there. It will mount fine, but you need to make sure how thick the top is so that it’s not super short. You’ll want to measure the thickness from the hole in the joystick, and you’re looking for no thicker than 3/8", otherwise it’s not going to work without some modification.

Took me a while to dig this up. Here’s a fully Sanwa modded SFAC.