15watt Soldering Gun

Looking for a 15watt, soldering gun that i can pickup in store, (Must be a store in columbus ohio).

Also 15watt is the right wattage for pcb’s/wiring etc? Correct?

That’s nice to know…

What’s nice to know?

i recommend 25+ watts for pcb and wiring. 15 watts is a bit too low imo. it takes forever to heat up @ 15 watts and you’ll most likely get cold joints. also, some of the lead free solder requires a higher melting point than lead based solder.

Hey thanks for the quick reply, Now i just need to figure out where to pick one up at that’s close and can be gotten in store

My suggestion would be radioshack. Also I’d advise going with the 15watt. I have a 15watt and 25watt soldering iron, and the 15 Watt works just fine for modding. I tend to burn stuff when I use the 25 Watt one but that may just be my inexperience.

Yes, I was thinking id burn it at, anything above 15w

do you have a home radio shack near by?

if you do, this isnt a bad buy from radio shack: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062730

you can also get this at home depot also: http://www.amazon.com/Weller-SP23LK-Marksman-Watt-Soldering/dp/B0009ZD2AG

I have a home-depot near by and radioshack, They aren’t super close 30min drive at best, But that’s not a bad drive for me.

Thanks alot.

You can also find some at walmart as well as auto zone found like 2 over here

if you’re gonna pad hack make sure you go no lower than 25W, 15W and 25W both have the same operating temperature, but 15W will likely cool down faster, making your connections weaker if soldered improperly. You’re more likely to burn stuff with a 15W than a 25W if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also get an iron and not a gun, with a gun you will burn everything you touch. Weller is reliable and is mostly available everywhere.

25 to 30W for me. No lower. Radio shack or walmart both have decent irons.

Around 30W…

If you have to work with soldered buttons, 15W won’t cut it. You’ll barely melt the solder in most Hori presoldered button PCBs!


30W may seem like a lot, but it melts the solder quicker and that’s the key – TIME… The more time you spend soldering a spot, the more likely you will lift trace and/or possibly damage circuitry.

It’s not the Wattage that damages the PCB so much as Time.

You can get dual-wattage soldering irons but believe me the only setting worth it for desoldering is the 25-30W settings. You will spend forever at 15W waiting for the existing solder on a PCB to liquefy!

Another thing about 25-30W… If you’re getting Radio Shack equipment, the replacement tips for 25-30W soldering irons are cheaper. You WILL need to replace the tip occasionally since it’s made of cheap metal (tin?) and will deform over time or get black. You can follow instructions/advice to keep it clean but it will nonetheless deform after a few soldering operations.

Always, always spend that $2 to get a new soldering tip IF your existing soldering tip looks “marginal.” I ruined a perfectly good Hori PCB one time by using a tip that was way past its time…

I agree on the wattage, but with proper care you can keep a tip for months at the least. I’ve used the same tip for about 6 months now, and it’s just getting to the point that I should probably replace it soon. That’s only because when I first started using it I didn’t tin high enough and the upper sections are oxidized pretty bad, which can cause brittleness in the farther down and more cared for spots.

Even if you trash yours, he’s right in the fact that it’s very easy and cheap to replace that style of tip. I would get an extra one since you’re probably new to soldering and will most likely fuck up your first tip…I know I did.

Seriously though, a 15 watt iron won’t get you anywhere, and not only is it not hot enough to wet larger joints…but it takes like 10 minutes to even get hot enough to use. A higher wattage will save you time and a LOT of energy by allowing you to not have to sit at each joint for way too long just trying to get the solder to melt.

Also, a word of advice…please, please, please do NOT try and force a joint to melt. If you’re holding the iron to the joint and it’s not doing anything, pressing harder won’t do shit…and it will just deform your tip, making it unusable very quickly. Lower wattage tips (even 30 watts) can be fairly slow to wet a solder joint, just let the heat do the work.

This will only be limited time use, For a few projects.

Thanks everyone

This is the iron I use. I almost always keep it on 30W