16" x 9" Maple Stick Cases / 8" x 13" Poplar Case


I built these cases awhile ago with the intention of finishing and selling them locally. I did finish a couple and tried selling them but there isn’t a lick of interest on the eastern side of Idaho… So I didn’t bother finishing these ones out.

I have since fallen away from playing fighting games and just sold my CNC machine so I really have no intention of finishing them now. Looking to sell for $25 + shipping for the 16"x9" ones, $20 + shipping for the 8"x13" case.

Here is the .dxf for the control panel / plexi.If you were to send it to a laser cutter like Pololu they could cut the top and bottom plexi and possibly the mdf for the cp. All told you would probably be into it about $100 at the end for a cutom maple case.




Hi, I’d be interested in 2 x 16x9, sent you a PM


Definitely take one of the larger ones. PM incoming.


PMed you ^^