16 year old shoots and kills a man for his PS4.. As her baby watches


Goddamit GA.
This is sad sad shit.


lock them away for 30 years


Plus, he was a “pro gamer” too, I dont follow much of the fps scene but I swear I’ve heard the name “Phobos” before from there


The article says he got shot over a PS4 but the person interviewed said it was over an Xbone and there’s an Xbone box on the guy’s memorial.


If he died over an Xbox One that was a true waste of life.


Your thinking of the Vampire Savior Character.

I find it hilarious that the people directly responsible for this generations faults blame the generation for atrocities like this one. Maybe the absolutely shitty parenting should be done away with so things like this happen less.


why? ps4 doesn’t even have cvs2 and mgo2.

fucc the world.


Every generation has fuck ups, Killing over dumb shit isn’t exclusive to this generation.

I think all craiglist deals should be done in a mall or some other crowded place. This stuff happens too often to be trustworthy of buyers. If they try to change locations don’t sell it to them.


Yea he was one of the first GoW pros and was on the team zYn throughout the whole games series. Dude was nice as hell and a real good player from what I recall when I used to play. Was one of the players I enjoyed watching at least. IIRC he also competed in other games like BC2 since it had a 10k event, dude generally tried to help players out in scrims and the like


Disgusting I hope she gets raped by a horse and dies of internal bleeding


GA is fucked up…remember when this teen was killed over some sneakers on the last day of school?


I once bought a bike from craigslist

Dexter invited me to come up to his apartment after putting the bike in my truck. I said no & jetted out of there.

I never will take an invitation to a darkened room


There’s a GoFundMe for the victim’s funeral: http://www.gofundme.com/Phobos

Target already met.


Respawn in 3…2…1.


Sucks that this happened but I hate how they take stories like this and add that little bit of irrelevant clickbait bullshit to the title.

The baby is six months old. It is almost entirely certain that baby will never remember what it saw, and it doesnt understand what it saw in the first place. It’s perfectly reasonable to include that her baby was in the car when it happened because that is part of the scene and how much of a piece of shit the mother is. But they described it as “the baby looked on as this happened” like it’s some kind of groundbreaking witness that will make the murder charge. Baby has no clue what the fuck happened do not emphasize it as a highlight of the story.

FUCK. This is why I dont watch or read the news anymore. Id rather be in the dark than deal with fucking journalists. One of the only things that annoys me this much

ANYWAY. This is why people dont use craigslist anymore. Ebay is almost as shady. IT would be worse if you had to meet in person to make the deal.


Don’t really like how this is sensationalized to be about a ps4 or a baby.
It should be about a black person shooting an unarmed white guy.


So it’s my state’s turn to proudly display its trash to everyone.

Florida can’t hold the title forever.

If I’m the defense attorney in this case I’m pulling out the Maggie Simpson Defense.


I like how her bf said he was a victim of a crime. Did they really think they were going to get away with murder?


This is why all Craigslist transactions should occur inside Starbucks.


C’mon bro that doesn’t fit the SJW narrative, that spin on ProSJW huff post? Never gonna happen.