18 Hit Combo



With SAIII activated I just did an 18 hit combo and not really sure how. I think it may have been either mp,hp,back+hp * 2 or mp,hp,back+hp -> mantis slash… but I’m not sure. Can someone please tell me what the 18 hit combo is?


uh u can just mash on jab and then do osme matis slashes and get 21 hits.its the damage not the hits when u use sa3


As far as i know, yangs record, and also SF3 record is 99 hit combo! Was Yang SA3 on Q and involved stun.


if you have the SAIII you can d. foward into the the jab slash, and with timing continue to jab slash only dont connect all three just the first hit…for more damage stop the combo reset by tricking the oppent with the mini hit or over head and continue the jab slash combo, the best i did was about 30 or 31 hits

wonder how you do the 99 hit one…hmmm.


lol i didnt say i did, i saw it in a vid. It was over a 3 taunted Q, involved lots of SA3 standing jabs, then jump and air chain, then more jabs and some slashes…dont remember exactly.Was really impressive.


Here’s the 99 hit video… do the right click and save target as, trust me you don’t want to stream from my connection :stuck_out_tongue: