$19.99 One Dozen Rainbow Valentine's Day Roses with Chocolates!

Found a deal online for One Dozen Rainbow Valentine’s Day Roses with Chocolates and [LEFT]you can get a FREE glass vase for $19.99.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Hope you SRK members can take advantage of this deal for their special someone. XD [/LEFT]

I’ve used ProFlowers in a pinch before (a few times, lol), they do good work.

My arcade stick doesn’t like roses or chocolates.

And that’s the only special thing that matters to me.

Getting this for wifey, good looking out!

Not sure why this is in tech talk, but I gotta say THANK YOU for that link!! Spending time looking at building sticks distracts one from doing anything romantic. The wife will be distracted enough watering her vase for me to sneak away to do some more wiring!

making my lovely a fightstick served with chocolates aswell XP

been reading reviews, apparently they rob you at checkout like crazy

Seriously. Delivery charge + Valentine’s delivery was ridiculous.