19 inch monitor for Arcade Cabinet/Vizio?


So six months ago, like an idiot who did no research, I bought a VIZIO E191VA (60Hz LED LCD) because I just needed a 19 inch monitor and did not think about going by a standard monitor that would have benefited me in getting used to a certain input timing. And for six months straight, I have been practicing on a Vizio until I started realizing there was actually a standard for monitors when I began going to more tournaments. I recently purchased a v238h asus and the timing is waaaaaay off in my inputs. I popped in injustice and I keep standing still when I try to link into other shit. I guess it’s because on a vizio, there were absolutely no rules when it came to linking shit together and I would just dial away quickly as if I was plinking buttons at the same time, but on an asus it feels strict and I end up stance switching or doing an environmental kick so I have to input my combos slowly. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. ANYWAYS, I still need a 19 inch monitor for my arcade cabinet so that I have some use for it. Or maybe it may not be necessary with the correct calibrations. If so, it looks like i’m gonna have to sell my TV to someone and fast. I’m pretty much upset right now but oh well. I guess that’s what I get.


**1. Anyone know of a good 19 INCH MONITOR that feels most similar to the asus v236h/v238h monitors?
2. Any thoughts on the Vizio that I have or Vizios in general?
3. What settings must I have my xbox 360 on in order to get it to run and feel smoothly on an asus? **

Any help/advice is most appreciated. :slight_smile:

The “Evo Monitor” ASUS VH236H 23 is the best dollor to performance ratio.
In my opinion 19" is a waste for a 16:9 aspect Ratio (widescreen) HD monitor.

But you are using that monitor for a drop in replacement in a cab.
I am also assuming you want your monitor to support VGA (not all monitors do anymore)

For a 19 inch, this is your best choice that I can find

I was actually hoping for something with an HDMI port unless there’s a way to connect VGA to xbox somehow through an adapter (even though I wouldn’t suggest doing that myself because it can probably create lag/frame rate issues).

I can be wrong though. I’m just new to this stuff. lol

The Xbox 360 has it’s own VGA cable. Don’t actually know if Microsoft makes them anymore though. I can’t vouch for the quality of the third party cables, people say the monoprice ones ghost.

Most of the 19 Inch monitors come in the VGA flavor only.
You want HDMI you going to have to Bump to 23".



Official MS Xbox 360 VGA cables are still being sold.
Gamestop or Amazon would be the cheaper places to get one.

Official vs 3rd party VGA cables

I have a 360 slim. Is a converter still a bad idea?

If you go through an adapter, then it better be a pretty good adapter. I agree with the above that the MS cable is your best bet. Even the Slim has the standard AV Out connector, so at least you know that using an MS cable will give you a quality signal. That cable probably uses twice the amount of shielding compared to a 3rd party cable, which is probably the reason why the cheaper cables ghost.