1980 New Mexico prison riot


All I can say is… Wow. Never heard of this until today. Documentary not for the faint of heart.


Let me know if the link don’t work, posted from mobile.


Never get so drunk you dance on tables in front of strangers. But really, minimal guards, super-sardining criminals…in MEXICO. Wtfing f were they thinking?


New Mexico is in Mexico now? Shouldn’t they call it Old Mexico, then? Or just Mexico?


Yeah, it gets ridiculous towards the end when they find the blow torches and cut their way into the cells of those that testified against them.


I’m a correctional officer. I’m going to vent. I would like to say that there are two problems in the prison system.

  1. We live in a hug a thug world. They have too many rights, they complain about anything and everything and they believe they are entitled to receive it. They are protected by the law, evil lawyers and it makes it extremely difficult, as a correctional officer, to CORRECT their deficiencies. It has gotten to the point where CO’s cannot swear at offenders. They get money to attend vocational training, school, room, board, food, yet they always find something to complain about. I used to live in worse conditions in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan, yet they complain about sleeping in an air conditioned room, with 3 other people and Cable TV. We get these people factory jobs during their re-integration in community corrections centers that make $11 an hour starting out, yet people without convictions, college degrees and veterans are still unable to get jobs. Talk about lack of balance.

  2. Too many people are getting incarcerated when they can get fined. People with Drug Charges should be placed in a different kind of system. Druggies are getting sent to prison with hardcore criminals and are learning tools of the trade and are becoming criminals. Druggies should just be sent to rehab. Or better yet, they should be fined and let go. This would increase revenue for the state. Big fan of decriminalization of small amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

I’m not an Orwelliate and am against big brother’s privacy laws to a certain extent, but the law in the U.S. is so broken that is protects burglars from getting shot at during home invasions. The law needs to common sense the fuck up. Heaven help us…


@Aoishi2AL, I’m an Air Force tech school instructor and we go through something similar with our students. They can do some ridiculous stuff not conducive to good order and discipline yet our hands are tied both legally and by regulations. If one of them screws up its almost like ** you** getting put on trial if you address the situation “improperly”.

We are not far off of making the “hurt feelings report” a reality.



Not far at all. I counseled one of my Soldiers (a few years ago while being active) about being overweight one time and she broke into tears. Not only was she allergic to fucking grass, but she did not conduct PT on her own or maintain an appropriate physical appearance. The way the military and AMERICA have gotten in general is ludicrous. Now we can only make a Soldier drop and give you 20 push ups max as punishment…

Anyways if anyone is interested in these Supermax prisons, you would fair well to look up our modern Alcatraz, Florence ADX, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermax_Prison.

A real fucking prison. It is scarier to work in a medium facility than in a supermax, doesn’t make sense but it does.


Drugs in themselves, users and sellers should be in a completely different system…in part because of what you @Aoishi2AL mentioned.

Easier said than done…yeah I know…shrug

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Atleast you can still give them pushups. We don’t do that anymore here.

I agree though, America is getting too lax. I wish the greatest generation would come back and kick all our assess into shape.


I too think that even though so many of them don’t deserve to be there, they should keep their fucking mouths shut and enjoy the paradise that is an air conditioned prison cell. Fucking pussies, can’t even beat the pieces of shit anymore. They probably go home every night to their families and brag about how powerless the guards are.


based on what you see, are those the drugs people are most frequently tagged for possession of?


wait what? :confused:


Damn internet has made sarcasm ineffective. Life would be so much better if I could get into one of those luxurious prisons and live like a king.


Allergic to grass? How the hell did she get permission to go to basic with that shit? And only 20 push ups for punishment? The fuck? I remember having to crab walk around the barracks once because of some shit that my battle buddy did.


In Oklahoma it’s all about meth. People are cranking left and right.

I’ve seen a high number of people get in for DUI’s and Marijuana when they should be sent to a boot camp and get the shit smoked out of them. But Coke and Marijuana are common as well, not as common as METH though.

Too bad we don’t have a show that’s the anti-thesis of Breaking Bad. Man struggling to make a living for his family and putting up with the charades and the I/M’s put him through. Big thing here is about justifying why you have to keep your job when you mouth off to stupid I/M’s that say shit like this:

I/M: Fuck you white boy.
Guard: I’m not white.

I/M: Then fuck you nigger.
Guard: LoL I’m not black.

I/M: Then what are you?
Guard: Guard LOLs.

Cryoh: At that point they were taking everybody in the Army. Yes, your tax paying dollars are going to support overweight Soldiers who are allergic to grass. Edit: Making a point here, I was promised a GS job at a military installation and Obama decided to cut the defense budget two weeks before I got hired on. I believe that he made the right choice. A difficult decision, but if there was not that much of a need for another aspiring bureaucrat in the system (me), then I humbly accept the choice that he made. He also made the right choice to start weeding out the crap we don’t need in the military, which is good, cause when you deploy, the last thing you want to see are three married female Soldiers fighting in their containerized shower, over another married superior officer.

My point in fact is: Cutting the defense budge is not a bad thing. We should be focusing on mobilizing the national guard to take down our local terrorists, MS-13’s, Triads, Yakuzas, Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips and putting America first to avoid this oversaturation of kids without positive, stable positive societal influences; i.e. the fighting game community; and use our tax money on teaching people skills to avoid gang banging, drug usage and wife beating.