1990s techno/rave/house/trance

They don’t make techno songs like they used to:

the original of the above song is here:

and of course this among other great 90s techno/rave/house/dance/trance music:

Wow nice find :tup:

Yo since we are talking about 90’s house/techno/etc.

Any one remeber the name of that song that said “If you got a big ol booty say yea” I think it was Fast Eddie but I can’t find it. I’ll click those links after I get home from work.

wow sick stuff got any other good artists similar to these?

I’ve always loved how Dune looked in that video. He’s just sort of…there.

The guy with the blonde hair or brown hair?

Also there’s a Scooter song with Fatman Scoop. The blonde guy from Scooter is HP (So that’s why Fatman says, “HP is in the house…”)




Use with a controlled substance:



Funny you mentioned Scooter because I just saw them not too long ago in London…they were dare I say…smashing?

But in response, the guy with the brown hair.

Oh shit son!!! :wow:

All the originals


EDIT: I think I heard some of these at a rave/techno club before…



This one has some of the same drum beats as Gill’s Third Strike Theme:


check out VNV Nation, Combichrist, Cesium 137. Very modern take on techno. Badass

Before there was Swizz Beatz there was [media=youtube]o7syF6r36Sg&feature=related"[/media]





brings me back :confused:



LOVE this song.

“They don’t make techno songs like they used to:”

yeah, but they don’t really make much of ANY music like they used to.

Here my contribution:

Just a few of my all time favs, ah, searching through all these songs sure take me back to memory lane. Such classics! Hope y’all enjoy these as much as I do.:lovin:


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This thread is gold and needs to be revived… 90’s tunes were always the best

Sorry if some of this has been posted already


Instead of making a new thread, I’ll post in this one. This is the precursor to trance: