1994 Capcom Official SSF2 Tournament -Super Just Games- Northbrook, IL

haha damn. Watts with the porn star mustache.

Maaaaaaan were you fuckers under water playing? LOL Who are those scrubs in the finals anyway? hahahaha


ps: I think choi was the only one who knew about this tourney in Nor Cali. Actually, that was the first time Cali has ever travled for a tourney OUTSIDE of Cali. Was always about Nor cali vs So Cali. After everyone heard how watts won so easy, the cali dominance around the US begun!!!

Yea it also shows how old we are. :lol: kids don’t know any better! They are use to having more options to get out of shit. While old schoolers remember the old throw traps that took 25% each time that you couldn’t tech! Only the high level and very skilled players could combo into the super in ST. Now people complain about the supers being to hard to pull off in a combo on ST. So much that I think supers will be easier to do in ST:HD. I don’t agree with it, but you have to appeal to the casual game and the hardcore players! Casual players don’t want to learn how to truely play the game. They just want to look up some shit online and Xcopy some skills.

Super use to be hard to combo, but great on power and priority and now it seems that supers are only use to end combos with hardly any priority unless its a level 3. I’m not that hyped on the ST:HD and I was wondering if you or other top streetfighter OG’s are hyped for ST:hd. I’m more hyped over SF4 than ST:HD. Just wondering if you and others think these 2 new capcom fighters will start a new golden age of streetfighter.

these vids should be in the Smithsonian…

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Hope this message finds you well… and finds you :slight_smile:

I’m contacting you cause we are doing a documentary for RedBull of our chilean EVO champion fighting player Kane Blueriver. To give context to the scene, we will love to include around 5 seconds with no audio of some images from your YT channel (vengersama).

Do you hold the rights? can you grant us a permission? Our contact email is contacto@valcine.cl

Hope to hear from you and congrats for the vids! historic!!