1N4728A zener diode

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Specification Features:
• Complete Voltage Range — 3.3 to 100 Volts
• DO-41 Package
• Double Slug Type Construction
• Metallurgically Bonded Construction
• Oxide Passivated Die
Mechanical Characteristics:
CASE: Double slug type, hermetically sealed glass
Maximum Lead Temperature For Soldering Purposes: 230°C, 1/16, from case for 10 seconds
FINISH: All external surfaces are corrosion resistant with readily solderable leads
POLARITY: Cathode indicated by color band. When operated in zener mode, cathode
will be positive with respect to anode
Mounting Position: Any
Wafer Fab Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Assembly/Test Location: Seoul, Korea
*Electrical Characteristics (TA = 25°C Unless Otherwise Noted) VF = 1.2 V Max, IF = 200 Ma For All Types.
Note 1. Tolerance And Type Number Designation
Note 2. Specials Available Include
Note 3. Zener Voltage (Vz) Measurement
Note 4. Zener Impedance (Zz) Derivation
Note 5. Surge Current (Ir) Non-Repetitive