1P/2P side troubles

Someone mentioned in a previous thread that they had trouble playing on the 2P side. I was wondering if that’s a common thing and if anyone else has that problem? As a matter of fact, I also have trouble on the 1P side. I spent my whole playing on the 1P side, then started playing on 2P side continuously for about 6 months and lost the feeling of playing on the other side and never got it back. It’s not a big deal because the only thing I have trouble with is the :dp: motion. It usually comes out in a :qcf: motion or a standing punch.

hmmm im left handed and have no trouble at all with the commands.

however i feel its harder to dp on the left for me, i mean its not hard at all, just that dp on the right side is just like tapping forward easy.

Yeah, I’m also left handed, and 2P side is no problem, but DP on 1P side feels kind of unnatural for me.

yeah it just takes a few adjustments and getting use to it to get it down every time. i do a forward then qcf and stop at the d/f position. but it doesnt feel like it anymore since im soo used to it, it feels like a normal dp command since i can get it down now.

Just practice the motions a bit, I can do it fine from either side, which is also only after a while of practice. If you feel like the motion is failing, slow down till you inputted it right and speed up slowly from there.

It’s common. I had the exact same problem.

Practice makes perfect. Just keep on keeping on, and it will come, with time.

Although I’m over the hump, to this day I still have slightly better execution on the 1p side.

It depends on how much you practice. I play primarily on a pad, and I know I used to have trouble with it, but not really anymore. I STILL have huge problems with that stuff on stick.

ive always had a problem on 2p side with dp’s and and tough combo cancels. nothing a little practice wont get rid of though.

r handed…

i got comfortable with the left side from the old school streetfighters where you can’t select 2p without a challenger.

eventually i challenged people a lot and got used to both sides.

the only time i prefer one side or the other is when the controller in the arcade gets fucked up. usually it’s one or the other and not both.

but for some characters like remy i’d rather be on the right side. not the right controller but coming from the right side of the screen. for me it’s easier to partition and buffer coming from that direction.

I’m in the same boat as you.

I’m learning stick, but it’s like, to go from perfect execution to fumbling around like a scrub is super frustrating. I’m making progress but I’m still a long way off from good execution on stick.

God, I know. It’s the main reason I’ve kept away from it for all these years. But, I guess the truth is that if I wanna have a chance at any tourney I might go to, I’m gonna have to learn both. Oh well. :confused: Good luck with that, man.

I used to have trouble with it. I think everyone does. You just have to practice at it.

I still have a little bit of trouble with it, but only when cancelling stuff into supers. Practice makes perfect.

Everybody has problems doing SRKs on their “weak” side. I know its hard now (trust me) but when you get the hang of it, youll never forget (like riding a bike).

I do have the weak side thing but…it’s only when it comes to like doing complicated combos. Like…I’m not gonna have a problem doing SRK’s on either side of the screen. I learned how to do SRK’s consistantly by reading the instruction manual for SF when I was 6 or 7 years old so I have way too much training to have problems with such a basic command. Though sometimes I do have an easier time doing like EX Tengu Stone combos on one side of the screen than I do the other.

I’ve been through all the control changes. From Sega Genesis/Saturn controller to Happ stick/buttons to now Sanwa stick. You just have to bust your ass in training mode till you get the execution right. I notice that sometimes I’ll have trouble doing a combo on the stick and after practicing for hours I still can’t get it 100 percent. Then I go in training mode again the next day and all of a sudden my execution is much better. You just have to train your brain.

Might have to do with building up more muscles in your wrists or thumb. I do fine both sides it’s just a matter of timing for me.

Or you could just learn a charge character and no more side problems XD

just practice… I play on 2p’s side when i practice

on that hand the on proper charge charcter with no other moves… but i dont really know why he’s bottom tier he’s like guile and he was nearly top-tier in every game he was in!

because guile could actually do damage and parrying wasnt in SF2