1st Annual Motorola Cup 3rd Strike - Arcade Infinity

The first annual Motorola Cup which took place at Arcade Infinity on 7/31/08 was won by the team of:

5 Star - Ken
pyrolee - Yun
Sextaro - Makoto

with the runner ups going to the team of:

Kai - Chun
Ironfist - Dudley
gootecks - Urien

Finals were 3 out of 5, with Kai’s team jumping out to an early lead by OCVing the first set to go up 1-0. Kai almost double OCVs the 2nd set but 5 Star prevents the double OCV only to have the momentum stopped in the next match by Ironfist giving Kai’s team a commanding 2-0 deficeit. Pyro’s team came back to win the next 2 with a Sextaro reverse OCV and 5 Star beating gootecks to tie the score at 2-2. The 2-0 lead held by Kai’s team was not enough however, as the final set belonged to MVP of the Motorola Cup, Sextaro Makoto who had 2 OCV’s, including the game winner against Kai. Sextaro command grabs Kai’s Chun Li, fierce HAI HAI, into SEICHUZEENNN!!! for the STUN!! Dash in HAAAAIII to win the round. WAI YAAAHHH!!

MVP : Sextaro - Makoto

This was capped off by Motorola buying us a luxurious dinner of Lobster and Steak at the New Capital Seafood Restaurant.


we won


does kai work for motorola?

On the flip side, we were betting our sponsorship money from Motorola in these team matches.

With money like that involved, there’s no way you can’t get hype.

I work for the Arcadia Branch at Motorola.

wow im out of the loop

Thanks to the insane (literally) crowd for their support…it wouldn’t be the same without you!

Good turnout, surprised to see 14 teams showing up

me too

The lobster owned!!!

LOL at mike spending more money in a mouthful trying to flip a stupid AI token.

P.S. Ryan, don’t forget to advertise our sponsored website