1st Athens Monthly Results

I just woke up, but here’s top 3 in each game.


  1. June Ro “dooboy”
  2. Eli Cleveland “sundu”
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”


  1. Jay Moreno “Sorry Ass Hell”
  2. Jason Ramoutar “da_dragon”
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”


  1. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu”
  2. June Ro “dooboy”
  3. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX”


  1. Keith Daniels “CHILI DOG”
  2. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu”
  3. Matt McCoy “RavenStorm”

Puzzle Fighter

  1. Neidel Crisan “haunts”
  2. April Bayne “HolyHotnessGrl”
  3. June Ro “dooboy”

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for coming. I’ll have the full results up soon.

Sorry , keith. TYPO.

Nice tournament guys . I really enjoyed it too bad I couldn’t stay for PF but it was fun anyway . I’ll do better in 3S next time (hopefully:lol: )


Hey guys! I had a really good time at this tournament, although I wish Chipp’s scrubby skillz were good enough to even play. SIGH He’s going to go into major training now.

Congrats to Keith and Matt for representing Team Bum’s House’s Guilty Gear madness! And for Taylor, Lester, and Bum…it sucked that you guys couldn’t go, but there’s always next month and hopefully it’ll have an even better turnout!

Colin, your Venom was crazy, and it was cool to see you play and next time…you better root for me a BIT in Puzzle Fighter or I’ll have to kick your ass. I will not hesitate…:smiley:

To everyone that played Puzzle Fighter: I had a GREAT time. I’ve never played in a tournament and to have such good players was so much fun! And Haunts…I will be back, you are really really crazy good and I can’t believe our finals lasted so long. I thought my head was going to explode with all those falling blocks…, but I was serious, it was so fun to play you b/c I’ve never really had any trouble with the game. I have a challenge now and I will work to become the best! …Or at least a damn good rival that makes all you crazy players sweat when you see me. :cool:

Alright, well it was fun and I can’t wait until the next one! Keith! You have to hold onto your title! And Matt…I want to see more of the Holy Hotness representing!

did you take english class?? jk, everyone spells my name wrong, Its Keith not Kieth, it was an awesome tourney, wish there was more people that showed up:( keep up the good work and these tourneys will start being huge:cool: The funniest part of the whole freakin tourney was after the tourney playin 3S TEAM BATTLES w00t

Sorry I didn’t make it. I was with a female and that shit’s a lot more important than games to me.

-the level of comp in every game
-da dragon and sorry ass hell teaching/schooling me in marvel
-team bum’s house, Keith and Matt taught me some GGXX, i did their tourney characters at least once
-getting my entry fee + room fee back cuz of marvel incident
-haunts and casey from howard stern show runnin a good tourney, lots of fun
-charleston for bringing half the arcade sticks there
-rc elec guy first round in cvs2, good shazzle
-eli, i think, and his 12 skills and beating me 12 on 12 in the tourney

-players not asking to use my stick then oblierating them by hitting the buttons
-coaching people while im trying to play them in a tourney game
-not taking turns on 3s
-someone running out of the tourney area after getting annhilated by April in Puzzle Fighter :eek:
-losing once then being eliminated in marvel
-charleston player getting ocved by omega red
-tourney location, after driving past 400 cows
-random 360’s

overall it was fun, learned a lot of stuff in mvc2, 3s, cvs2, and ggxx

next tourney, i hope to do a little better, but back to practicing and not sucking

props to mah nigga joe for coming back from losers in marvel to kick my ass 4-1,4-3…one match away:( , really good shit man, one day i’ll beat you:bluu:

CHILLI DOGGGGG what happened in marvel man:( , gotta stop playing that ggxx lol, maybe i’ll pick that shit up after i saw ya sol:eek:

Jae purvis caught 3rd in every sf game haha, 50 cent that shit:lol:

ilikebeingalive, thx for the props lol joe owns me hard tho, im just fancy, joe is solid lol

anyways im out lol

man I really wish I coulda came. The marvel finals with me and joe woulda been really dope cuz I know me and him aren’t too different of level.

Congrats Keith on winning GGXX. I knew you could rock that game now if only I could get you back into marvel. Congrats also to the rest of SC. Apparently greenville had a puzzle fighter beast amongst them and didnt know it.


Damn what happened charleston?

thanks for taking away all my credit:(

Haha yeah Omega Red catches people off guard though that have never seen him especially Magneto players since you have to be a little patient and not run into the omega strikes too much. Of course once you learn to beat him then all you gotta do is get next to him and he cant do anything but yeah I was betting noone had fought him before because i dont play marvel, I cant win with skill I have to win with gimmicks! Like infinite jump fierce xx hurricane kick w/ ken on sentinel in the corner, I have yet to see any sentinel player get out of that without an antiair assist so that team row sentinel hates that shit lol.

I had tons of fun up there though, Chi I’m sorry about all the slops man, if I was responsible for any of it I’m deeply sorry but I wasn’t exactly on point mentally all day(if noone noticed) due to not having slept for about 48 hours previously. So if I did anything too wacky or my hair looked bad then I’m sorry. Good shit to everyone on cvs, people need to practice more though there is a lot of talent but no experience and thats why we dont have good cvs players. Eli, haunts, june, jae, and the other guy that was eli’s friend that uses hugo and ken(i didnt get his name unfortuantely), are all better than me at 3s now. I need to get on the ball on that game. Neidel and April are too good on puzzle fighter. Even in my puzzle fighter prime I would have lost to them. GGXX, team bum’s house is the truth now, people have improved so much over time and it’s great to see our scene in the south getting better like this, I have to get on the ball and learn to fight all the characters so I cant be caught off guard again. Venom will represent next time.

Oh and sleeping on the floor and then wandering out in a 2 1/2 days sleepless delirium was top tier.

I’ll see all you guys next time, till then.

atlanta owns SC in mvc2 right now…no diss, it’d be VERY tough for u to place if there was a full turnout

not to diss Atlanta but I am sure you and joe are the only two that could go head to head with me. I was not dissing you dragon just fucking around really. Don’t take shit I say too personally cuz I joke around a lot. No hard feelings dog really:D

I know atlanta plays a lot more than I do at the moment seeing as how I have no one to really play except sami who I see on rare occasion but I can go toe-to-toe with max and joe. Don’t put me on the level with everyone else in SC cuz I am way above that. Not talking shit but pointing out facts. No hard feelings We still homies


oh iight man, thas coo. but when u in town, i’d run money matches with you;)

charleston sucks at marvel, but dont worry, we’ll be good soon-er or later, this week is finals and after that ill be able to practice more

its kinda funny that people talk shit but dont even show up, i talk shit for fun and admit that i suck, but at least i came to the tourney

dadragon, whats your aim name, mine is “ilikebeingalive”

SC has no MvC2 scene . What used to be the only game gets no play now unless you consider Kevin and Jae a scene .

Neidel , obviously I need to play you in Puzzle fighter if you and holyhotnessgrl are getting so much respect from everyone .

Keep it up Eli , Neidel and Adam…you guys have a good thing started here !


Full results still coming (I got distracted by 3s), but I really want to thank everyone for coming out to the country to support the scene. Everything ran pretty smoothly (with the exception of the Chi thing) and now that we have some experience the next tourney should be even better.

I’m terrible at “shout outs” but I’ll try:

Charleston: Sorry it wasn’t quite ready when you guys showed, but thanks for getting there so early. Josh, thanks for doing the GGXX brackets. It really helped speed things up. Chi, 12 vs 12, haha, I loved it. I’m really sorry about the marvel thing, we’ll pay special attention to you next time. Ray, hope you got in enough 3s casual. Cletus and Stevie, we didn’t get to talk much but you guys seemed pretty cool.

Team Bum’s House: Matt and Keith, good job in GGXX. I really need to get into that game. Keith, I think we should have a 3s Team Rotation tournament next month, that was hilarious. April, good games in puzzle fighter. I didn’t even know neidel was that good. The puzzle fighter finals drew the biggest crowd fo the tournament.

Marvel players: I don’t really come anywhere near marvel so I don’t know what to say. Thanks for coming out. It sounds like there’s a lot of good competition around so hopefully everyone can make it next time.

Jae, I was really glad you showed up. I wasn’t sure if you knew about it. Well done getting 3rd in 3s, cvs, and marvel. That definately makes you the most consistant player there. I hope you got coke or something with all those quarters you earned.

Larry, thanks for coming up and supporting us. It sucks that you had to leave. You missed some amazing finals matches between June and I. Maybe next time you can stay a bit longer.

Ted, as alway good to see you. We’ll give puzzle fighter it’s own tv next time and get it started early so everyone can play.

Colin, you are hilarious. You guided me to a loss in puzzle fighter and mocked my 12 to no end in 3s (I’m glad I got the combo though), but it was too funny. Thanks for hanging around. The rotation matches and then you, me, Neidel, and Adam (the ken/hugo) were great.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone. If so, no hard feelings. I hope to see you all again next month.


Ok, that was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Thanks so much for everyone who came out. It wasnt a HUGE crowd but was much more than I ever expected would show up. I am glad to see people are still around who want to improve thier game.

With that being said, we will continue to throw these tournaments month by month, and if yesterday was any indication of what to expect, i think they should be getting much bigger in the future.

I think the best part of the tourney when it was 3 on 3, 3rd strike, people switching out after each knockdown. that was so crazy and relaly took the edge off of playing competitvley. we are going to institute stupid shit like that each tournament just to keep things fresh since it was so much fun…


Josh: your Yun has gotten a lot better since the last time I saw you play. I wish we could have gotten more casual in. you’re a real TROOPER, coming down on 0 hrs of sleep for our tournament. next time, get some one else to drive!

Chi: didnt get to see you play really, and I dont think i ever got to play you in casual. next time tho!

Ray: AAAAHHHNNAAAALD, KEEP UP THE GOOD NEEEEEEROOO. and dont stab me anymore. :confused:

Jae: Im glad you came. Was alot of fun playing you in 3s as always. Ive been trying to remeber to use EX axe kick more often. forgot how good that thing is! keep coming to these until you graduate and have to go make WMD’s.

Jay S.: well on your way to becoming a real force in 3s… dont know aobut the other games, but pretty soon I think you’re going to have one WHORE of a chun li. hehe. gotta teach me some cvs2 before the next tournament so Im just not BRACKET FODDER next time aorund. heh.

Jay/Da dragon: thanks for repping atl marvel. needs to bring everyone else with you next time!

Ted: yet another person I didnt get to play in casual… next time bring the rest of the crew, regardles of thier excuses! we have a scene to build!

Larry: sure was suprised to see you. next time hopefully you can stay for the whole thing. having to leave while int he winners bracket sucks. :lol:


the 3rd strike finals were amazing, the matches between Eli and june were just unreal. they were both so on point it was crazy. was so good I wish we could have got it on film.

which reminds me… anyone who wants to film matches, do not hesitate to bring camcorders or VCR’s or whatever. we plan on putting matches online soon…

Colin: well, hopefully this is going as well as you planned too. thanks for making the 4 hour trek. maybe next time you can stick around and teach me some GGXX.


seems like im forgetting something…


:confused: :confused: :confused:

oh yeah…

APRIL: what can I say? just as good as everyone made you out to be. I usally put all my focus in 3s, but I was determined to zone in and give you a good fight this tourney. its been an extremeley long time since anyone has ever really given me a run for my money in that game. Ive had so many people talk so much shit about that game but you’re the only person who has really delivered. nice job. we’ll meet agan next month, and if i win, you have to learn 3s. chun li is easy!

once a month i will make the 12 hr bus ride…damn that sounds nasty…

anyhow, if i can pull that beastly feat off, can anyone scoop me up and house me?

i wanna get in on this:D

well, at our tournaments we have hot females and games! like parker lewis, you cant lose!