1st Kaillera Breakers Revenge Tournament (09/11/2005)

Well we didn’t get a great turnout but I hope in time we get more players. Low numbers led us to a Round Robin Tournament:

1st - Lux (10 Points - Beat RushedDown, Nagata Lock II, FatherBrain, Jeeebus, VruS)
2nd - Nagata Lock II (6 Points - Beat FatherBrain, Jeeebus, VruS. Lost to Lux and RushedDown. Beat RushedDown in playoff)
3rd - RushedDown (6 Points - Beat Nagata Lock II, Fatherbrain, Vrus. Lost to Lux and Jeeebus. Lost to Nagata Lock II in playoff)
4th - Jeeebus (4 Points - Beat RushedDown and VruS. Lost to Lux, Nagata Lock II, FatherBrain)
5th - VruS (2 Points - Beat FatherBrain. Lost to Lux, RushedDown, Nagata Lock II, Jeeebus)
6th - FatherBrain (2 Points - Beat Jeeebus. Lost to Lux, Nagata Lock II, RushedDown, VruS)

Some really tight matches. I owe a big thanks to Jeeebus, who beat RushedDown in the final match of the RR and gave me a 2nd chance at finishing 2nd.

I’ll look to book another Breakers tournament in a few weeks.

GG’s to all. :tup:

fun game
hopefully there wil be a bigger turnout next time
ggs people

That was pretty fun. Anyone down for a ROTD tourny next time?

I can’t get ROTD to work with my MAME. Someone send me the hacked MAME that reads shit like ROTD, KOF2K3 and SvC.