1st Kaillera Rage Of The Dragons Tournament (09/25/2005)

Solid turnout though a bit of a mess at times…

1st - Luxxx
2nd - DevilAzite
3rd - Essex
4th - VruS
5th - Mystic_Bash
5th - RushedDown
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Syn
9th - Original Gatsby
9th - MagnetoManiac
9th - SDK
9th - Rickstah

GG’s to everyone. It was a solid first go around and I look forward to the next one in a little while. :tup:


The boss character issue was never addressed because I didn’t see the question brought up until after the tournament started. I’ll address the issue upon the next tournament as truth be told I haven’t come across either boss yet in versus play and don’t know what kind of broken properties they have.

I’m enforcing a rule as it concerns lag issues for the next tournament. With all due respect to Mystic Bash’s skill, his lag was horrendous and unacceptable in tournament play.

We had a lot of disqualifications this time around, I’d like to avoid that next time obviously.

I should add that MagnetoManiac was banned halfway through for being an annoying 13 year old.

ggs people
waitin for the next one :slight_smile:

Here’s a link for the Grand Finals matches.
1p: lux
2p: Devil Azite

The Winners/Losers Finals should be up shortly. Different link so don’t hammer.

whos using who?
Lable the vids please…

this game doesnt look half bad

hmm what part of
1p: lux
2p: Devil Azite
don’t you understand?

um characters? Whos playing who. What didnt you understand?