1st lesson... El Fuerte Tostada press

I don’t write a lot here and probably no one really know me here. Still, I got a trick or two to share for anyone willing to begin with Fuerte.

Fuerte is not a combo maker, he’s a grabber and should be considered as one. He’s more a combo breaker and a really annoying opponent if you keep to much pressure on him when he got his Ultra Spark ready, so try not to combo, fadc, grab or anything else him… I usually land my U2 rather easily in these cases.

IMO, the Tostada press is the move to really understand. It’s something to know the move, but it’s way more important to know when to use it and how to use it.

This first lesson is about situation where your opponent is knocked to the ground and is trying to get up.

Situation 1. Standing or crouching
Tostada press can be used as crossing attacks making your opponent stick to the ground… use it wisely. Cannot be blocked when crouching.

Situation 2. Anti-Air (aka SRK)
Tostada press can be used as a counter crossing attack against most anti-air super-move* WITH GOOD TIMING* (except for some Ex variation). The goal is making your opponent do its anti-air before you cross him with your Tostada press. With pratice, you can land a sure hit at every time. In the worst case you will land at the other side of your opponent safe and ready to go.

p.s. (Don’t use against Dee-Jay Ex Flying kick, and Rufus Ex Snake Strike)

Situation 3. Ultra (Anti-air included)
The Tostada press is not only an annoying move due to it’s supereffective crossing properties, it’s also one of the best way to lure your opponent into a trap and making him do stupid things. This strategy is well effective especially for Ultras. The goal is to make your opponent think you are attacking him on recovery, but your goal is only to lure him to do its Ultra. Eventually, in 90% of the time, he will miss it… the other 10% happens when you miss.

So basically… wait for your opponent to get up, hanabero dash a little before, begin Tostada press in front of him, him doing his Ultra, you crossing over him… and BINGO.

p.s. (Don’t use against Bison Psycho Punisher, Blanka Shout of the sky and El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster)

Situation 4. Forward Dash
Some peoples don’t know, but a dash got an invulnerability time. Good player are using it to counter the Tostada press and land a cr.mk linking combo. It’s really effective and make you think a little how to overcome it. Well, the answer is simple. You only need to change your timing a little.

BE LATE, run a little late and you got a sure hit. your opponent will stop doing it after 2 or 3 times. If you are still crossing your opponent, use the back dash close to your opponent.

p.s. (All fast and long dashes are dangerous, for example : Cammy forward dash is your biggest threat)

Situation 5. Jumping
The Tostada press is extremely effective against jumping enemies at the first and last third of their jump (middle of the maximum height). It’s highly punishable in every case especially after your opponent is standing up after a knock down.

edit : Stituation 6. Focus Attack
Focus attack are dangerous for you and your opponent. Your opponent, during the recovery of a knock down, could try to trick you with a focus attack. This is easily punishable if you are crossing the focus attack. You only need to immediatly throw another Tostada press toward your opponent to land 2 hits. You can trust me, your opponent need to be able to focus dash cancel at the speed of light to be able to punish you.

p.s. (Only use this technique on peoples getting up! A focus attack should always be counter with a fajita Buster or a Tortilla propeller on a standing opponent!)

Using the walls when you are in corner for a Tostada press is another way to put pressure and surprise your enemy after a knock down. It’s also harder to be hit by small SRK that can lead to disastrous result.

This cover a great deal of the Tostada press used against a knocked down recovery. This is only for one move, just imagine when you put everything else that Fuerte has to offer…

Nice write-up!

Tostada Presses are punishable by a Focus Attack on wakeup too; watch out for it!

Also, you can combo into Tostada Press off a close standing RH (instead of Guacamole).


Tostada Press w/Forward Habanero Dash On Block = -16 (Recovery Frames)
Tostada Press w/Backward Habanero Dash On Block = -12 (Recovery Frames)