1st SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! RESULTS

So after running my first tourney, I must say we all had a lot of fun. I am not somebody who is trying to take money or scam the gaming community,
i am here to bring the east coast some top-end matches. We all know the best players are never to be seen but this tourney had many of them.
I am just glad for all the support that i have received, new faces and old; the competition was exhilarating and i can’t wait for part 2.

so with no further wait, here are the results.

  1. Arturo
  2. Mariodood
  3. Andre “Jago”

thank you guys, “Arturo, Mariodood, Adnre"Jago”, Aulord, Manny, Danny, Albert, Chris Hui, Mragua, Kyori, Bobsagat, Chung, Bigkiller,
Ahmed, Andy Liu, Chemistforhire, Scrubmaster and finally Vizard (at least you came :))
oh and Manny did a 9 loop infinite with Fuerte today to ME :frowning: GODLIKE


Good shit Mariodood, you getting there man.

Man that was a good tournament!!! Hope to do support, and come by again!!! Arturo’s Seth was “sick.” Well time to go pratice some more!!! :slight_smile:

thanks, ARTURO is GOD LIKE

Sounds like it was a good time wish I could have went…will def try and make the next one

Good shit Adnan I liked the tournament.
I’ll show up for the next one.

Yeah I didn’t go into this expecting alot but I was really impressed by how you set things up and how smoothly it went down. GS man

Good shit Adnan godlike event!!!

Good shit everyone, good tourney. Art ima beat you

I seen the dude Mariodood play at the PNT RanBat Tourney held by Phire. He’s comin along well. Where was this Bar-Fight Held I know the thread says rain but I keep missin these damn tourneys. whats the directions so i can make the next one

Was on vacation so I missed this. Woulda got raped after not playing for a week straight, anyway. Hopefully I can get down on the next one since this seems to have been pretty successful.

GGs. I got owned for free. Looking forward the next one.

good times. Chris Hu mind break led to albert rufus rape. Thanks to the lady who gave me a free coke.

Awesome event, Adnan. Glad to go to it, definitely, and I’ll be at the next!