1st Thread for the Shield

I’m just trying to get as much information as I can for the Champ here. I’d like to learn any tips or strategies to get past newbie and scrub level to moderate/decent. Not looking to compete in tournaments for this… seeing as how this game is far more likely to promote a seizure.

same here Captain America is my favorite Marvel Hero. Can’t wait to try him out again.

Now, I’m not gonna claim Captain America is one of my best characters, but if I can do anything to help the new breed along, here’s a handful of ideas you might want to consider.
Captain Cartwheel! When Cap does his flip, it’s not invulnerable, nor is it as fast as, say Ken’s side-switching somersault, but if your timing is on, you can land some really good pincer attacks (Tron proj. assist comes to mind). It’s like jumping over the opponent’s axis while calling an assist to switch block directions and confuse them, but faster. This move is great to keep people guessing when you’re on the offensive, but use it sparingly.
Charging star- This move can end some decent ground chains and more importantly cancel many projectiles in the game. It’s worth the time to investigate what it can cut through, cause it will be essential later on for high-level play. The super version is nearly invincible from the front end, and although it starts up kind of slow will save your life time after time if you can predict another super coming. It’s also great for punishing annoying assists and DHCing out. Be careful around Storm; much like with Juggernaut’s Head Crush, Storm has some weird and magical properties with her Lightning Attack, and it is one of the only attacks that can cut right through a charging star super without any repercussion. Similar to Colossus’'s assists, Cap can negate other assists like Sentinel drones. Practice the timing on that, for sure.
Cap’s Jumping roundhouse has ABSURD priority over other air attacks. Try it out. Also, his j.HP covers a huge angle and is a great overhead.
His projectile is ok at best, so be sparing with it, cause if you can’t reclaim the shield he’ll deal less damage. Stars and stripes is a relatively safe anti air and a good wake up option, though, and does wonders against tri-dashers and airborne enemies with super armor.
His throws have good priority, so he has a decent mixup game between the overheads, throws and cartwheels.
Finally, Final Justice is one of the only grab-based attacks that allows you to dhc out after the last hit, which leads to extraordinary damage. This, of course, will be team-dependent, but invaluable.
MOST IMPORTANTLY remember that Captain America is a defensive character, not a Magneto. His play style is unique and takes a bit of getting used to, but will mean nothing if you don’t learn to block.
If you like him, keep working on him! It’s been really refreshing seeing the variety of teams used since MVC2 went online, and most players I know are bored to tears with the same four or five teams.

Double-jump air combo: Launch, sj. LP , sj. LP, sj. LP, dj, magic series, projectile. The LP are the jab version so you have to do them slowly (link them).

What’s the command input for cartwheel? I have never used this lol but sounds interesting.

The hit confirm/punish combo I sometimes use is c.LK, c.MK, stars and stripes super.

Also, you can get some weird glitches when you DHC Final Justice into Zangief’s Final Atomic Buster. Well this was DC version, I dunno about now.

Thanks a pile to Shifty. Much Appreciated.

cartwheel is invincible for a short amount of time. I’d say its about the first 30% of the total animation.

j.lp is an instant overhead which is awesome for mixups. He also has a DJ so if you miss the instant overehad, you can DJ out the way or call your helper for additional pressure.

c.fp and j.fp with capam are very good normals. J.fp is a very good jump in move when you aim the hit box properly, aim with the shield.

iirc, his srk is invincible as well. Even though it doesn’t do GREAT block stun, it hits hard for 1 hit. Probably his best assist type as well.

final justice can be dhced out of on the very last hit and that super really fucking hurts. Given the right dhc, you nuke a fucking character with an assist combo.

His tackle move has super armor on it even as an assist. Good for taking shit out of the way properly.

His throws release pretty fast so he can more than likely throw into quite a few characters. His throw game is very damaging with tron.

and I’d easily say he has one of the best back dashes in the game.

CapAm’s j.U+FK has amazing priority. I think it beats out a colossus shoulder tackle and a number of other things. So, use that in air-to-air confrontations.

i just started using captain america and hes pretty good his air combos take nice amounts of damage. i havent even tried doing dj air combos with him yet… but i wannna know anyone know if he has any easy infinites?

I was messing around with Cap in training mode and found this weird glitch. I was back-dashing and I canceled his back-dash with a cartwheel and he floated off of the ground. It usually only works about 1/10 tries for me. But what I was thinking is maybe that would make him invulnerable to throws. That is if you can do it consistently(working on it). :china:

how are you doing that?

Hmmm interesting.

Maybe it’s similar to gambits dash xx trick card bug…

You know when you cancel a backdash into another backdash? All I did was do a cartwheel before the second one finishes. It looks exactly like that crawler assault glitch Spider-man has in MvC1.

Finally got it recorded. Check it out. :razz:

pretty cool!

Not sure if it has any uses, but i’ll mess around with it.

wow, what a crazy looking glitch. so 2 dashes break the game right there instead of 1? good find. I think if you give capam unfly, he might be able to unfly attack out of that possibly. I’ll try it out today.

Could never get it with one backdash. Has to be some use for it.

whats a good team for the cap?

and are his normals that link to supers?

I play a team of Gambit proj/Cap AAA or Dash/Tron Proj

Team does solid damage really fast with either capam or gambit on point with tron assist. Almost guaranteed death on a lot characters with a simple 2 meter DHC.

-gambit: c.lk, c.lk + tron, s.fk, fp kinetic card xx Royal flush. DHC into final justice after last card for mad damage.

-Capam: c.lk, c.lk + tron, s.fk xx Final justice. DHC into Royal flush after final slam for mad damage.

I personally prefer the RF into FJ because its guaranteed to hit. On certain characters, FJ into RF will whiff and leave gambit wide open. However, a plus side to this is that if it does connect (FJ into RF) you can DHC into lunch rush with tron for 3 meter DHCs that kills sentinel, IIRC.

Check out damage at :30 [media=youtube]xPvTCH-HDWg&feature=player_profilepage#movie_player"[/media]

You can link H. S&S to just about any standing normal other than s. hp when hes holding the shield. If you get rid of the shield it connects. You can link s. HK xx FJ or H. CS with the shield and s. HP or s. HK xx FJ or H. CS without the shield.

As for teams I would choose teams with assists that can help him get around the screen easier.

OH, it has uses, some great ones. With a good assist, like Sent ground or Doom, it can be very useful. Even Tron’s proj will become more useful with this glitch (I guess its one). I’ll work on some combinations with Caps, and see how I like it.

I was just thinking, when you do cr.lk+2, cr.hk, you could do it, bringing you back towards a rolling opponent for possible jab/S&S or THC. Hmmm, I’ll work on it later today…