1st time at evo.......what did i think

I’ve only been playing 3rd strike for 2 months now, and i just found out wtf evo even is like a month ago, and whached some old footage. First impression, everyone was way mellow, and very friendly. I met a lot of chill people and played a lot of crazy matches. If you were there and saw me, i was the white dude with the jeans and the semi long colored hair with large plugs, i think i was the only one with that description, i was also the only one drinking i think haha.

Anyways, waiting in line took forever…like holy shit, and i wasn’t on the pool list for 3rd stike, so i wait in that line and find out i’m playing the next day at 9 in the morning. Met up with my friends later and got completely shit faced and overslept my bracket…so fuck me right? so i wanted to whach the finals atleast and this is what i thought.

My first and foremost thought…3rd strike finals…what a fuck’n dissapointment. Except the dude that was dudley, thats was so fun shit. But come on, give it up on yun, any mother fucker plays that game long enough will learn that corner juggle. Thats all he does man, waits for the super, and does combos that do about 2 attacks a second, theres noway you can actually completely block every single one of those…i know this, cause not even the pros could, so yea, he lands a hit, and then the juggling begins. This is what every single dude did with yun. That woulda been chill if they coulda won without that super and showed me some other cool shit, but no, if you were whaching with me, you just sat there waiting for that fuck’n super to go off, and then wait for the poor victim to eventually miss a block and proceed to play riccochet with yuns arms and legs. So anyways, that pissed me off, i mean it was cool the first time…please can we all agree on that. Then secondly…the final match…chun li vs chun li…were you excited? Ok, so whose gonna be the first one to land that crouching long kick to super art combo? Who is it gonna be guys? thats all tehy fuck’n did…i’m seriously so disapointed in how unexciting that was. Ok so they did other things…like throws…and then maybe another throw…oh and that one time after the 3rd throw in a row…he threw him again…i believe there might have been 2 spinning bird kicks so that you don’t think i’m over exagerating. infact, i hope you can hear me screaming this shit out during the match on the dvd haha cause i was drunk and disgusted at the time and getting roudy. So long story short…dissapointed…i love 3rd strike and the videos i had seen before were just so much more exciting…guys, what do you think of the 3rd strike yun and chun li matches? :lame:

I’m sorry if the people who are actually good at this game were more interested in winning the tournament than entertaining some random guy they’ve never even taken a glance at.

Don’t be sorry, you weren’t the one boring me, i was just asking what you thought of the matches.

seriously, your post makes me laugh

If you are a lover of watching top-tier footsies, Wong vs. Nuki was one of the best things I’ve ever watched. Amazing how Wong could stay one pixel outside of Nuki’s Crouching Forward, like, 95% of the time. It’s like noticing how a head-fake allows a point guard an open slash to a basket. Can’t appreciate it unless you look for it.

  • James

About Yun’s Gen-Ei Jin, you are wrong there are things you can do, like Red Parry, throw, or just plain hit them at the right times, it’s all about timing. Admitedly, GenEi’s a beastly super, priority and speed on his attacks, plus juggling ability. That’s why he’s the best character in the game. For that reason, he get’s picked by a lot of folks. On the Chun-Li thing, three throws in a row seems boring but you can appreciate the mind games. That’s what’s funny. After you get thrown, 9 out of 10 times the person waking up expects an attack, so it’s mind games. That cat got thrown twice, then definitely didn’t think the opponent would try that a third time lol. That’s the gem in that situation. I guess seeing flashy shit in matches is fun, but the more you analyze shit, you see the gems in looking at the strategy/mixups in the matches, and that can be pretty entertaining too.

james ahs a good point also note how wong would throw nuki out of nukis tick setups very nice

that other 5% of the time must have really sucked for wong :karate:

as for the whole “they’re not there to entertain you” comment that someone made, screw that. let me guess, you were never disappointed in a dull basketball, football or tennis match. of course they’re not out there to entertain, but you cant fault the guy for wishing to watch something exciting.

regarding footsies/mind games…bleh…give me footsies/mind games with some fast, furious play full of parrying over just the other stuff any day. id rather have meat and potatoes, not just potatoes.

btw congrats to all the finalists

To be honest, Yun and Chun matches are often about as interesting as staring at a wall for three hours, since it’s always the same style that everyone uses, and always the same choice of super.

If you want to see good 3S matches, look for better players having casual games. Alex matches are often very interesting to watch.

But yeah, I’d have been more interested in the side MotW tournament than another Yun n’ Chun fest.

Yun and Chun? blah

You Remind Me Of Myself When I Was A Real Scrub And Couldnt See The Good Things On 3s Videos

why the fuck are people complainin about yun vs chun?

ken vs chun is boring

but…ppl forgot about chun vs chun…these are so good…so many titties and asses and legs flying around…make both chuns do lightening kicks!

3s finals were pretty unexciting. I had much more fun watching MVC2 and I don’t even play that game, nor know WTF is going on.

I felt the same way. But after seeing those matches, I am going to start playing marvel.
It would have been nice to see that dudley player advance. He probably would have too if he stop doing those ex uppercuts, everytime he did it just left him open.

Definately the fighting was impressive, just unexciting…so don’t take it personally :slight_smile: But thank you for pointing that out, it will help me to appreciate it.

i passed out cause of my tooth pains, in my mind the top 8 were great matches with yang kens and duds

Whats a red perry, and how do you do it?

Haha, yea gotta love those thunder thighs

Red parry = block > parry. Your character flashes red briefly when you do it, instead of the normal blue.