1st time going to tourneys with Hakan

So Saturday I decided after playing online so much, I’m gonna go to a local tournament to test my Hakan out against other others. I ended up going to two tournaments, and I did really well for myself. Admittedly, I went 0-4, but I did win a game against a Balrog player. Although I did get bodied later on, I’m not even mad about that. I enjoyed interacting with my local scene and playing casuals, and I even got complements on my Hakan play. So how has everyone else been on using Hakan at tournaments?


thats just me though.

I don’t go to tournies to compete anymore, especially since everyone of them I’ve been to has Xian/Gackt/Leslie/other Singapore top players in them. Hell, there probably isn’t any tourney that I won’t see some of Singapore’s top players unless it is on a school holiday where everyone got to work. I remember the first minor tourney I’ve been to. It was back in Super, students only and I used Hakan and got to the quater-finals. Most of them were noobs with the typical shoto bnbs and mashing shoryukens. However, sadly enough the best balrog in my country who was stlill studying, decided to compete and destroyed us all. I still remember the last local tourney I’ve been to. It was the Singapore Battle Medley I think. Was a nervous wreck which got worse when I found out the the first opponent I faced was the best Balrog in the country, again. Lost 2-1. In the loser’s bracket, I fought against the best Honda in the country. Lost 2-0.

But I still attend some local tournies now and then if I’m free, so to watch and learn the matchups and probably play some casuals as well. I think I’m like one of the only 3 guys in Singapore who actually uses Hakan as a main. Anyhoo, none of the pros bother with the casuals unless they are playing with themselves (that didn’t come out right…). But amongst the lower skilled players, I think I gave a good impression and got mad respect for using “the weakest character”.

This is why you need to compete even more now. Not to prove yourself, but to better yourself. You have access to some of the best players in your country playing at your location. Regardless if you get bodied or do well, you will level up due to the expousure and experience. Im in Michigan, the same state where Wolfkrone, banana Ken and sometimes Perfect legend attends our ranbats. I tell people in my area to attend to get the expousure.

I competed in my first tournament a few weeks ago too. Small local scene here in St. John’s but I came in 4th out of 13 people. Not bad considering I lost my first match and went straight to losers bracket. Lost to a honda to get into the third place money spot.
I would say ever since I started playing locally every weekend my Hakan game has improved exponentially because everyone there is quite good. I wish I could “complain” that I had to play against Xian or Leslie. It would only motivate me more to improve and I am sure they would help you out to discuss the matches.

The firs tournament I went to with Hakan I got 2nd place, I got beaten 2-1 by a real clever Abel that I couldn’t space out and couldn’t guess right.

I am your God.

You gonna be online tomorrow? Might pop on in the morning to see if the update has arrived, if not I’ll be on late at night, would be good to get some discussion going on dem buffs.

Sounds great drew, been wanting to actually get in a real game with you for ages.

Howver I got a problem at the moment, my main controller of choice has been a Madcatz 6 button fightpad for quite some time now, and it broke the other day so now I’m just finally starting to relearn stick (havent played stick since the first weeks of Super). So im fighting with a handicap atm, fighting against my controls so to speak.

No better time like the present to put that work in though.

Also im a bit out of practice with Hakan as is anyway, cuz I’ve been on dat Ultimate Marvel grind.