1st time modder, need help

Hi guys, i’m planning to mod my Qanba q4raf with limited knowledge and no experience. I hope you guys could answer some of my questions.

  1. I want to install LEDS to my arcade stick that is capable of toggling on and off. If so, any particular LED board i should be looking out for. I believe the LVT3 board is made specifically for an arcade stick like the MadCatz TE2, hence i don’t think it could fit my stick.

  2. My joystick feels a little wobbly in the neutral state, do i have to replace with a new set of spring or could I just tighten it.

I hope my questions could be answered, thanks in advance

  1. Kaimana (which is basically the LVT3 for non TE2 sticks). Not sure if FGWidget can toggle.

  2. Not sure what you mean by tighten it. Get a spring.

Thanks for the reply.
By tighten, i meant pulling the spring as shown in this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K2ONYAapOQ)

You can try and experiment with that method if you want, but I can’t really vouch for it, personally. Someone else might be able to though, but it’s a lot more common (as well as less ghetto) to just replace the spring with a tighter one.

FGWidget LED Controller has a Tournament Mode for toggling.

That Video there, don’t do that. By stretching the spring you are wearing out faster and you be back to where you were before quickly or worst the spring wears out and becomes more loose.
If you are at the point to remove the spring, at this point just replace it with a new spring. Joystick Springs are cheap and for the JLF you can get springs with more resistance to make it even “tighter”. 9Lb spring is a little extreme but the 2 or 3 LBs might be worth it if nothing else to experiment and see how it feels.

As does Remora and it supports RGB, FGW does not.

You can also use a Kaimana and program your own tournament mode.