1st time using clear Seimitsu PS-14s, slight problem


Hey guys as the title states I just received my new buttons and art this morning.
Everything assembled nicely, however, Ive noticed it doesn’t take much and the art inside the buttons moves around ALOT even though the buttons are secured… is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Thinking of possibly taping the inserts in place? That’s really all I can think of.


a simple glue stick underneath the art before applying the white plunger tab will help keep it in place if the art spins around the inside of your pushbutton.


i use double stick tape or glue dots since its more like a temporary adhesive for when i want to change the art inside the button when i want to change the template. if i glued it down it would probably become uneven over time so i just use double stick tape since all it has to do is hold the insert in place


^^this right there.


Double sided tape works wonders, and I imagine it being easier to remove if you want to change the artwork. That’s what I use.