1st try


Hey I know that you peeps don’t like “paint - art” but I don’t have any talent and unlike my first pic here(which was more or less a joke) I’m serious about this one.

This is the first time(ever) I tried to do something serious so please gimme tips I have a few questions.

#1 I feel like there is something missing, any suggestions (and please don’t say talent)
#2 Since I haven’t even evolved to being a drawing n00b I don’t know anything about shading(on the walls). Could you help me out here?

ps: yeah that style is on purpose.


Dude, thats some dope shit. I like your style.


i dont know if he can be in our team and compete against our drawings.

should we let him in or see his next pic?

PS. Kz, my 3rd installment is done. check it out.


Well i can tell he’s very skilled at Paint but i think he has a different taste in art than you and I. It’s sophisticated yet simplistic. Not many can pull that off. Oh yeah, DS i saw your tony. It was orgasmic to the eyes.