1UP Interview's CGS's CEO, Andy Reif ( A must read!)


How does Andy Reif plan to make pro gaming a hit?

Some interesting quotes from the interview:

Full Interview.

i’ve said this before, but these guys NEED to add Virtua Fighter 5 to their lineup, it would be a HUGE move for the state of VF play in the US and give all the players a big reason to level up.
i cannot stress how disappointed I will be if they drop the ball on it. there’s almost NO reason to not have the game be present ( outside of maybe a dearth of sponsors? )

I think it would be cool if VF got added to CGS. But I think its lack of visual appeal is what’s hurting it for CGS. Plus the fact that it bombed on both PS3 and X360 sales wise(this was a factor).

Lack of visual appeal? What’s so visually spectactular about DOA that VF doesn’t match? Reif said he wants games that don’t require the spectator to know anything about how the game is played. I doubt the average person will notice much of a difference between VF and DOA, unless they’re mainly interested in… well, you know.

yeah, VF has hotter chicks anyway dammit. =(
the only other thing that bothers me is that the Combine date is March 7th, in Texas, but that’s NOT at ALL a very long time away, maybe a month and change, and i personally think they could have revealed the new games by now to at least give people time to practice up for their game. hopefully if they DO decide on a game like VF then they won’t wait until the last minute.

Levels with multiple tears vs normal subtle levels

Over the top moves vs subtle moves

Fluid animation vs subtle animation

I’d say most people would notice the visual differences off the bat.

CGS needs to stop with this need to cater to people who don’t play the fucking games.

This whole idea they have where they want games people can tune in and not have intimate knowledge of the competitive scene for that particular game can “understand and follow along” is retarded.

It doesn’t work that way. Which is why they got crap ratings for their first season.
Set it up so the people who know what is going on will want to watch. That is the market they need to be concerned with. The kind of people who “don’t understand what is going on” most likely won’t give a shit about the games anyway.

The reason the majority of the people in the world watch competitive sports for example. Is that most of them grew up with their older peers playing or watching the sport.
You grow up around baseball, Play in little league, Look at your dads cards, Grow up and watch baseball yourself. In general. You don’t just flip channels and come across some obscure sport and decide right then and there "I am going to care about this"
I am sure it happens. It must happen but in general it does not. I mean, The closest thing to that would be if your friend or somebody you know was watching it and got you into it. In situations like that, said friend usually explains the mechanics to you.

Same thing here, Most people are not going to care unless they already play the games themselves. Most people wont care about a cs tournament unless they play cs. If that is the case you don’t have to worry about them not understanding it.

CGS has a flawed business plan. Doing things like picking up cs source and doa and such, Games that have competitive counter parts that are much more popular and played more just based on the fact that both games have more “flash” and better graphics hoping that people who don’t play these games will want to watch?

Seriously, The idea that they think competitive wow wouldn’t make good tv when so many fucking people play that fucking game in the world is astounding. They shouldn’t be worrying about people who don’t play that game will be thinking. They need to focus on the people who play the game. Not trying to attract people who don’t touch it.

wtf is cgs?

Whats also going to be great is when someone gets pissed that their favorite player who’s rocking his game doesn’t get to progress because some douche on his team can’t play Fifa. They had to of been drunk when they thought about this.

Draft and combine is a cool idea when it’s appropriate. Team based FPSs can use this model and… thats about it.

Hmmm i agree with the multiple tiers and over the top moves, but animation and graphics wise VF looks better. From a casual gameplay point of view DOA looks “better”, plus a lot of the casuals are a lot more familiar with doa than VF.


DOA4 got picked up again :confused:

I just don’t understand. VF5 is a newer and better game, it’s on two consoles, has online play and better graphics. I thought those things are exactly what white folks wanted all this time. I’d also argue that even among the average retarded American consumers, the Virtua Fighter name is still more influential and reputable than DOA. It’s almost like people want to hold themselves back for some reason. Meh, shows how much I know about the industry.

Hey, I don’t know a lot about mainstream game tournaments. Is CGS supposed to be the grand daddy or are there bigger ones?

Huh, epic fail on so many levels.
they dropped WoW, thereby losing that audience
NO vf
AND managed to drop PGR4 just when it was getting new content and new players? for FORZA 2, of all things?
wow. just wow. i don’t even know how to express how disappointing this is.

oh well, their loss.

Absolutely untrue.

That doesn’t say anything about the games’ comparative quality. But if I was going to have pick either games’ female cast appearing in front of me, soaking wet down the inner thighs, I’d go with DOA.

me too. anyways.

wtf is wrong with folks?

That entire post was pretty much bang-on. CGS needs to understand that they are a niche market, even if it’s a really giant niche market.

It’s really lame when they set rules that differ from what the entire community/scene for a game prefers. Their matches are apparently best 5 out of 9 games of 1 round apiece, as opposed to the DOA community’s accepted best 2 out of 3 games of 2 out of 3 rounds each. I also believe they’re using maximum life instead of the default amount, so it will last longer for the camera. It’s very telling of how little they’re actually trying to cater to the competitors or the games themselves. I’m really not at all surprised to hear they’re doing badly.

It’s interesting to read how they choose their games, even if the criteria was predictable enough that we could have more or less guessed it ourselves. It’s also interesting to see how their choice of DOA4 (over VF5) reflects how much or
how little weight they give to certain parts of their criteria.

If I’m not mistaken, many people dislike DOA because it is relatively difficult to assert clear dominance over a lesser player. In VF, results tend to match skill hierarchies with heavy consistency, and superiority is lucid and decisive. This only affects hardcore players and is of course irrelevant to everyone else.

DOA has a small number of hardcore players in America, and a tiny one for the rest of the world. VF probably has a larger but more fragmented hardcore fan-base in America, and a small one for the rest of the world (except for in Japan which is not included in CGS).

Even though DOA has way more sales (on console), so few of them ever took it seriously. Sales numbers don’t necessarily tell the tale of which game has more competition-interested fans. The proportion of people who purchased Xbox 360 VF5 and would give a damn about a competition for it is much higher than the same for DOA4. DOA had and probably still does have more casual players (VF has few) but even those numbers have dwindled over time. With no disrespect intended to serious DOA players, the average DOA buyer considers it to be just another title in his collection, picked it up because it looks pretty, and enjoys occasionally mashing buttons against the CPU or when his buddies come over. The average VF player is a fighting game junkie in some form or another and bought VF to practice and become better at it. I think VF has a larger number of truly competitive players.

If you forced non-players to sit down and watch one of the two, DOA would probably be more interesting for them because it looks flashier. VF has has more people that would actually watch it, though.

I don’t see how they proved the fans of one game were utterly drawn into other games. OF COURSE the players’ teammates want them to win: camaraderie, but moreover, prize moneyyy!! :rofl:

I think it’s a decent assumption to say that a lot of this talk can also be applied to all these other pro-gaming leagues like it. (Unrelated: I can’t believe the CPL closed!)

It’s worth mentioning that the WCG did pick VF5 this year (they used DOA4 last year). I should note that they do include Japan in their list of competing countries, but they also seem smarter in general; they picked Counterstrike 1.6 over Source because the majority of CS players like it better.

It’s really too bad they have that platform lockdown because of their Microsoft sponsorship. As far as picking a fighting game goes, Tekken or Smash would suit their needs so much better. The both have huge global player bases and are about as entertaining to watch as you can get for someone who doesn’t know the game. Actually, nowadays many local/regional LAN parties and events–which by nature have traditionally only included PC games–also run Smash tournaments.

It would be soooo cool if SFHD gets picked up next year but it probably wouldn’t be up for consideration just because the graphics aren’t 3D.

…oh god this post is long.

VF5 has WCG anyways, so it doesn’t need CGS.

Yeah, so I know this post was bumped from like 4 months ago, but you all got it so wrong. What they’re trying to do is genius: create an environment for competitive gaming that can be marketed towards the non competitive crowd.

Arguing that VF5 would appeal more to the average person than DoA4 doesn’t make sense when you just look at the sales number. Anybody can pick up DoA4 and instantly do flashy, cool moves. It creates the illusion that you could hop into the matches with one of these “professionals” and hang with them. VF5 is less flashy and more methodical, and as such most people when they pick it up feel lost. This does not market well.

Now, on the plus side, one of their criteria for picking up games is recognizability of the brand. I have VERY high hopes that SF4 will replace DoA4 next year in the CGS as the fighting game, since it seems like it will fit in very well (new title, huge hype, brand recognizability, easy to pick up hard to master).

Team Fortress 2 for Pro-Am August 2008 whoooo

But yeah I hope SF4 does make it into CGS. Hell at this point I wish Brawl would make it over D0A4…

how is that ‘genius’

it’s not like that’s a particularly hard idea to come up with, and i’m sure many people have independently of each other.

it would take genius to make it happen, and thus far everyone that’s tried has failed miserably.