1UP Interview's CGS's CEO, Andy Reif ( A must read!)

^ ^ ^ Agreed. It’s too idealistic… I just don’t think it would work. If people are that interested in the video games then they would be playing them. If your only fans are fellow players, it’s worth catering to the community of players to keep that fan-love strong.

Mmm, seems like you misunderstood me. I wasn’t arguing that VF appeals more to the average person at all, dude. I’m saying there are proooobably more people (players) who would care about VF than people (players) who would care about DOA. Even then, that wasn’t my main point. My main point was that the average person couldn’t give a damn about either of them! :rofl:

I don’t see how people could be saying that VF5 has better graphics than DOA4. DOA4 is well above it.

Especially when it comes to which would look more interesting to some random shmuck. Izuna drops getting spammed up and down is alot more impressive-looking than Goh sliding around on the ground.

fuck the cgs i want to see that shit go bankrupt

Yeah the problem with DOA4 is that it doesn’t reward mediocre players as mush as the other fighters do. You can’t just learn a string and be done with it like in Tekken, you have to actually know what you’re doing. (I’m not talking about high level play, I’m talking about the highest level an average person attains)

VF5 looks like shit, it won’t make well for TV at all. And Tekken isn’t much a choice either, watching the same flashy combo being done for 5 minutes straight wouldn’t go over well with a crowd. Tekken 6. . .omg, lol. You have not seen dull and lifeless until you’ve actually waited your turn to play Tekken 6. What a dumb game.

Personally the only game I can see replacing DOA4 is DOA5. The only reason DOA4 was out of WCG was copyright issues, and they really wanted to keep it too, but CGS paid the rights to use it exclusively. That’s how well DOA4 is going over and that’s why there isn’t a need for any other fighter, in CGS eyes anyways. Some of you mediocre players are probably still angry at being owned by a scrub in DOA2: Hardcore. And that’s as far as your experience goes.

Quoted for :wow:

That’s crazy, man!!

mvc2 at cgs ftw.