1v1 Street Brawl - GameBattles.com - 3/2/09 thru 4/16/09


All the information you need is with that link.

I don’t really know much about Major League Gaming, which basically runs GameBattles.com, but from what I’m being told by others this is how they sort of test the waters. If tournaments like these fill up and become popular then MLG may (not a guarantee) look into making Street Fighter a pro game.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see folks like Choi, Valle, Wong… yourself on tv/internet/live events as a pro someday?

I appreciate GB doing this, i think this is a step for SF to be taken seriously by other genres, looks like i’ll have to check on my GB account if this is the case. That would be pretty wicked to see like Pro’s/yourself/friends seen as Pro’s and earning the respect that they deserve; So i just checked out the GB website and it might be pretty easy pickings if no one from here hops on that, or if there are no GB players that play SF competitively, if you guys are reading this, jump on it A.S.A.P., before the 22th