1v1 Tournament TONIGHT! Feb. 15th @ 6CST


Hello everyone!

Yet again we will be having a 1v1 tournament on Friday!

This tournament will take place February 15th. Tournament Registration will begin at 5:30 CST, with sign ups ending a 6 CST. To sign up, you must be in our Tournament Chat and provide use your PSN.

So, here are the special rules for the tournament. Also, we expect you to abide by our Code of Conduct and Chat Room Rules during our events.

General Rules:
Hazards Off
Items Off
Stocks: 3
If matches go into overtime by trading your final stocks, you will play in overtime.
All sets are best 2 out of 3.
Stalling is banned. (Stalling is defined as any action that deliberately avoids all conflict as to make the game unplayable. Running from an opponent to get to a better position is not considered stalling. Decisions on stalling shall be made by referees of the event. All referee decisions are final.)
Any action that prevents the game from continuing ends in a forfeiture of the match for the offender.
(If this happens as a result of a glitch, if possible, take a screenshot or video of said glitch and file a report to a staff member, who will decide the best course of action to take.)

Legal Stages:
Practice Medium 1
Rival Arena
San Francisco

How To Play A Set:
Players decide who will host. If they cannot mutually agree, it is decided with by a referee.
Players select their characters. Either player may elect to Double Blind Pick*.
Use Stage Striking** or come to a mutual agreement to determine the first stage.
The players play the first match of the set.
The winning player of the previous match may pick a stage to ban.
The losing player of the previous match picks the stage for the next match
The losing player of the previous match may choose to change characters.
The next match is played.
Repeat Steps 5-8 as needed.

NOTE: If a player has previously won on a stage, they cannot choose to play on the same stage again. However, the loser may elect to play on the same stage.***
Glitches and infinites are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in a loss of a match, set, or even disqualification depending on a referee’s call. These would include: Rachet’s Infinite Grab, The PaRappa Infinite Tech and The Toro Stall.
(The Toro Stall is using Toro’s Neutral Circle to gain AP outside of the screen.) If you have a glitch or exploit occur mid game, please stop playing and contact a referee immediately.
*This allows players to pick characters without the opponent knowing which character you are playing, for the simple reason of avoiding character counterpicking in the first match. This is solved by letting a referee know which character each person is using in private.
**Stage striking works by selecting which stages you do NOT want to play on in the first match of a set until you have one stage left. That last stage left will be the one used in the first match.
***Ex: Player 1 wins the first match on Practice Medium 1. Player 2 wins the second match. Player 1 cannot pick Practice Medium 1 for the match of the set. However, Player 2 CAN pick Practice Medium 1.