1x4 Buttons or 2x2 Buttons for SNK games?

Do you use a 2x2 layout or a 1x4 layout for games like King of Fighters XIII? I’m torn on the advantages of either one. I use 1x4 but that makes it difficult to do LP+HP and LK+HK. 2x2 makes it not difficult, but a bit awkward, to do LK+HP (Hyperdrive) in King of Fighters XIII unless you use an extra button to activate.

I personally feel like the 1X4 LP>LK>HP>HK is a much more ergonomically layout for me for KoF. Sure PP and KK feels weird at first, but once you get into it then you’ll be perfectly fine with the layout. Though both of them are fine IMO.

Always 1x4

If you got a 6 button stick then you drop the A Button to the lower row and keep the other buttons on the top row
But that is it

Just look at every neo geo cab

I play guilty gear, so the 1x4 is just kinda natural.

Depends on the game. For KOF I use 2x2, most other neo games I use 1x4.

2x2 cos I’m a Capcom noob.


Back when KOF’95 got really popular around here, people were so used to SF2 and most of the arcade cabinets used its button layout (3x3), so most of us got used to play KOF with:

— D

Of course we had a lot of trouble playing on “original” SNK cabinets, with its (then) weird layout of 4 buttons in one line, slightly bent.


Back then we also played KOF a lot on Sega Saturn and I even used this layout on the Saturn’s pad, but assigned friendly shortcuts to the other buttons. For this same reason I didn’t like to play SNK games on a PS1 pad (plus the PS1 ports of SNK games were inferior anyway)

To this day I can only play SNK games like that

Currently 2x2 but I am practicing the 1x4 since it allows me to use a single finger for each button and strings come out easier.

In General how many Neo Geo fighting games play, not just KoF the 1x4 makes alot more sense.
Games like Galaxy Fight, Samurai Shodown, Kizuna Encounter, Waku 7 not to mention all the non Fighting Neo Geo titles

2x2 only works for me in (bleck) game pad format


Probably one of the few cases where I’m not an arcade traditionalist I prefer the 2x2, but then again I’ve never tried the 1x4 on more ergonomic set ups. Old SNK cabs just feel super clunky to me. Probably a case where me using my thumb to hit A (short) makes it awkward. I wonder if I played floating hand if it would make a difference.

Activating HD for me works best using my thumb on A and middle finger on C for 2x2.

Damn, so many votes and still a perfect 50/50 split. This seems to be one of the cases where it truly is a matter of preference.

Reason 1x4 feels awkward to me right now is because I’m using iL concave buttons. Lots of force required, then for LK+HK my ring finger doesn’t want to lift.

Funny how you mention that. 4 button diamond gamepad is currently my most comfortable setup due to how much I used to play KoF2K3 on GameTap back in the day. Feels super natural to me, especially with dem Logitech controllers.

I run with 2x2 in kof, but i like 3 on top and 1 on the bottom too.

Definitely 1x4. I can’t even think of a situation I’d rather have a 2x2 layout.

Tekken layout for life. I commend but still hate those of you who fucking insist on 4 buttons across. There is nothing worse than trying to play on actual arcade hardware where players cannot agree on the button layout for SNK games.

I love SNK but I have to go with 2x2.

I used to own a gold cab, but I never got used to that 1x4. Incidentally, I always get jumbled up when I’m configuring controls in…Programs.

I know this poll is for playing SNK games, but it wasn’t only SNK cabs that had 1x4.
Soul Calibur cabinets also had 1x4, which is what I got used to playing in the arcades, along with the MVS games.

Other than Tekken, what other games in the arcades had 2x2?
VF was 3 buttons, but in a curved 2x1x1 layout.

I’m having a hard time remembering other 2x2 fighting games.