2/06/10 [ BB:CT | GG:AC | SF IV ] @ AppalachLAN I : Boone, NC

The Appalachian State Gaming Club is hosting a Fighting Game Medley in the Plemmons Student Union as part of our first LAN of the year.

February 6, 2010
Doors open at noon.
Tournament starts at 1pm
LAN concludes at 10PM

Grandfather Mountain Ballroom in the Plemmons Student Union
Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
Get directions here
Parking info here

Format Info:
[]$1 door fee
]$2 Per Tournament (Keeps the club running)
[]$8 into the pot (For prizes)
]Double Elimination Medley *****
[]Points will be awarded based on final ranking / sets won in each game. (+1 bonus point for first place per game)
]Half a point will be awarded if a player receives a bye.
[]Overall victory based on total points across all three games.
]All games will be best 2/3 matches (final matches may be more if time allows)
[*]Characters can only be switched after a loss; winners must keep the same character.
***** If attendance is larger than can accommodate Double Elim in the time available, the format may be changed to Single. This is unlikely.

Pot will be split [65|25|10] among the top three overall finishers.
Other prizes, including possible door prizes, are to be determined.

[LIST][]Please bring your own stick if you want to guarantee having one (instead of a pad)
]Other hardware for general tournament use (flatscreen TVs, consoles, and games) is appreciated. Please let us know (on the signup form, below) if you’ve got a TV or system you’re willing to let us use.
[]BlazBlue and SF IV will be on PS3, Accent Core on PS2.
]Free food and drinks will be provided!
[]The $1 door fee lets you enter as many tournaments as you wish (individual tournament entry fees apply). We’ll also have some free play set areas set up, and a PC section if you wish to bring your computer.
]Turbos and button macros are banned.

[=23"]Sign up ahead of time here](http://gaming.appstate.edu/index.php?module=phatform&PHAT_MAN_OP=view&PHPWS_MAN_ITEMS[) - not required, but recommended.

Feel free to post any questions you might have.

This seems kind of cool, and it’s close, but I have a few questions.

Are there any sort of individual tournaments and payouts?

What if 3 separate people get first in each game, and then each get last in the other two…someone who gets 3rd in all of the games could potentially win the whole payout?

If someone gets a bye, but wins, couldn’t they potentially have the same points as second place? if you got a bye and placed second, you could have the same points as 3rd place.

How was the turnout at the last one?

Thanks man!

I was personally hoping to host individual tournaments for each fighting game, but we base our game lineup on what our members vote for and the medley was a more popular format overall. We’ll definitely try to take these kinds of comments into account for our next event. Other tournaments are listed on the signup form.

If three separate people place first in their games and last in the others, this problem could arise. The format is designed to award overall skill across games though. Finishing first in any given tournament will net you a bonus point though.

The question about byes is a good one. To avoid this, we could offer half a point to each player who receives a bye. Does that seem fair?

Turnout at the last one wasn’t good, but that was on Halloween. The LANs I’ve been a part of that didn’t end up with horribly scheduled dates have had good turnout, and this one will hopefully be the same.

Quick update:

As of now, we are still planning on holding the LAN despite the forecast. That said, it’s looking like it’s going to be pretty nasty this weekend, so please be careful if you decide to come up.

Boone forecast and weather info.

The university has shut today due to weather - we have 5+ inches of new snow, sleet, and ice. As much as we want to hold our event, it just isn’t possible in this weather at this point.

Our next LAN will be March 27th - keep an eye out for announcements.