2/07/04 - Animation Town Weekly Results

sorry it took so long!!! :sweat:

MvC2: “RR Fatal Four-Way Dance of DOOM!!!”

  1. JW McNay “TeamDan”
  2. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief”
  3. Toan Nguyen “total toanage”
  4. Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei”

3s: “Too Many Kens Today!!!”

  1. Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei”
  2. JW McNay “TeamDan”
  3. Roger Ho “demenion”
  4. Robert Cardenas
  5. Steven Laflamme “Flames of Justice”
  6. Phong Nguyen “Dreaded Fist”
  7. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM”

no random thoughts this time…i’m too tired! :o